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  • How to keep safe on the Internet while being productive

    Keeping data safe and secureSecurity Tools to keep you safe

    Security and compliance are key to maintaining control of sensitive and confidential information. Keeping safe and productive online requires smart decision-making and just the right preventive measures to fit the level of risk you can live with.

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    - How to keep safe on the Internet while being productive

    No recession signs for US IT jobs


    With the US trade war with China and slowing growth, particularly in manufacturing, some economists believe the US is heading towards recession as 2020 approaches. According to the National Association for Business Economics, there's a 60 percent chance the country's decade run of expansion will see a downturn at the end of next year.

    But the IT industry seems unabated by such forecasts. According to research and data collected by Janco Associates, 102,400 IT jobs will be added in 2019, as CIOs and CEOs budget for increased headcounts and approve the use of outside contractors and consultants for 2020.

    At the same time, there is an ample supply of skilled and qualified professionals to fill those roles - while more active recruiting in the sector seeing a compression of pay grades for some key positions.

    No recession for IT

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    - No recession signs for US IT jobs

    DevOps Job Description Bundle

    DevOps Job Description Bundle

    DevOps is an area that is of the greatest concern to C-Level management. There is a push by everyone to move into the next generation of processing and operational possibilities.

    DevOps Overview

    New roles are being created as we speak. Janco, with the assistance of HR and IT professionals along with operational managers has created a set of job descriptions to assist in the development of existing staff and recruiting of individuals who are actual Blockchain and DLT practitioners.


    Included with this bundle is the complete IT Job Family Classification with suggested job progressions.

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    - DevOps Job Description Bundle

    DevOps Job Description

    DevOps Job Descriptions now available

    DevOps Job DescriptionThe DevOps job description was created by Janco's executive consultants. The DevOps Software Engineer job description is several pages in length and addresses all of the issues that DevOps professionals need to address.

    The DevOps Software Engineer is responsible for the analysis of business, engineering and scientific problems and is charged with the documentation and development of well-defined methods, procedures, and programs in the delivery of practical systems solutions.

    The DevOps Software Engineer is challenged with assisting in programming, troubleshooting, and management of problems affecting IT software, as well as developing these areas for future expansion and sustaining the highest system reliability and performance possible.

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    - DevOps Job Description

    Will Bitcoin or Facebook'entry imact national currencies

    Bitcoin and electronic currency  development have a number of unique challenges

    Electronic Currency ChallengesThe promise of a cheap, anonymous, distributed, fiat cryptocurrency that is detached from any country’s sovereignty is a pipe dream. It will never happen as the impact bitcoin has been minimal since itfirst hit the market in 2009. People will play with it, some businesses will accept it, fortunes will be made and lost, but it isn’t a threat to any nation’s fiat currency on that level.

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    - Will Bitcoin or Facebook'entry imact national currencies

    20% of the US workforce does some telecommuting

    Telecommuting is on the rise

    Telecommuting on the riseWith the rise of the Internet, and the increase in affordable bandwidth comes a new type of worker, the telecommuter. Available technologies have allowed most companies to offer the ability for certain employees to work from home instead of the office.

    This not only benefits the employee, but also the company itself. As more and more employees clamor for the ability to telecommute, it is imperative for companies to implement a viable telecommuting policy.

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    - 20% of the US workforce does some telecommuting

    IT Job Market Still Hot But Softening

    Janco predicts that over 93,400 net new IT jobs will be created in 2019

    Change in demand for IT ProsAlong with Janco, several investment banks are warning that the continuing U.S. China tariff war may be finally take a toll on the economy. That comes on the heels on other less-than-cheerful BLS data that may well dampen corporate confidence in a once-robust job market. Confidence is important. If people aren't confident and think there'll be a recession, they'll start pulling back.

    When Final 2018 number of IT jobs is compared with 2017 there were 45,900 more new IT jobs created in 2018 than 2017. The turnaround in the economy was the primary driver, as companies were significantly more bullish with the tax cuts and fewer regulations. In the first 5 months of 2019 34,600 new jobs were created. That brings the size of the IT job market to just under 3.6 million positions - and growing.

    In addition, a number of analysts are showing increased concern that higher costs will slow consumer demand and reduce capital spending. Meanwhile, in the past week or so alone, leaders have learned that U.S. manufacturing growth is at its lowest level in three years; construction spending is flat; and the economy added only 78,000 jobs in May, well below the average 175,000 since 2016 and far below analyst expectations.

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    - IT Job Market Still Hot But Softening

    IT Infrastructure Governance in Subsudiaries

    IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template

    IT Governance InfrastructureGovernance professionals in large corporations with subsidiaries expend an appropriate amount of resources on robust corporate governance at the parent corporation level but neglect providing the same level of governance services at the subsidiary level. This is a trap for the unwary.

    Areas that IT governance strategy that need to be answered are:

    • Role of subsidiary vs. the parent company
    • IT infrastructure Stategy
    • IT Infrastructure Compliance
    • Compliance and risk management responsibilities
    • Protecting the corporation
    • Proper oversight of subsidiaries
    • Models of corporate governance
    • Role of the CIO in subsidiary IT governance
    • Controls relating to subsidiary IT Infrastructure Governance

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    - IT Infrastructure Governance in Subsudiaries