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Janco Associates conducts on-going surveys with select members of it CIO Survey Forum. In a given month we contact between 90 to 110 members of the forum and ask a few brief questions via phone or e-mail. These are then compiled into a summary document with our findings and issued to all approved Forum Members and the media via a press release.

The identify of the Forum members and their organizations is protected. If you are approved as a forum member and participate in our survey process both you and your organization will receive at no charge exclusive White Papers and copies of our annual IT Salary Survey. In addition you will be provided with codes to receive significant discounts on all of Janco's product offerings.

To apply simply send us an email to

In the email please include your company name, job title and a contact phone number that we can use during normal business hours.

Janco and it predecessor organization Positive Support Review (PSR) has published its compensation data for IT Professionals since 1990. We retain archives for all of the historical surveys. That data is available to educational institutions with proper attribution to the firm.

Note: Janco only publishes aggregated data. It does not disclose who the participants are in the survey. Summary data is provided in a format that no one will be able to deduce which companies pay what amount to individual IT Professionals. We will however provide a more detail breakout for industries and locations so long as the request is not so granular that sensitive information can be obtained. This data is provided on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of Janco Associates, Inc's management team.

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