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      Compliance Management Kit

      Compliance Management KitA full range of tools to help enterprises of all sizes to address these issues is presented here. The Compliance Management kit provides the infrastructure tools necessary address these mandated requirements.

      The Platinum contains:

      • Compliance Management White Paper
      • Security Audit Program
      • PCI Audit Program
      • Job Descriptions (25 key positions)
      • Record Management Policy
      • Privacy Compliance Policy that address the EU's GDPR and the latest California Consumer Privacy Act
      • Security Manual Template

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      - Compliance Kit

      Median IT Salaries up over 4 1/2% in the last 12 months

      IT salaries up by 4.35% and Janco forecasts 82,700 new IT jobs will be created in calendar year 2018

      IT salaries on a year-to-year comparison have risen 4.35%.  The median salary has gone from $87,175 to $90,971.  Janco forecasts that on average approximately 7,000 new IT jobs will be created in each of the  remaining months of 2018 resulting in approximately 82,700 new domestic IT jobs.

      Median IT Salaries by Company Size and Job Class


      - Median IT Salaries up over 4 1/2% in the last 12 months

      On screen notification to be controlled

      Focus Assist to control windows device notifications

      Mobile NotificationsMicrosoft is about to release Focus Assist.  With its release, a user can set times when you don't want notifications to bother them, such as during key work hours or when you plug in a second display for a presentation or when you're playing a game. With Focus Assist the user can establish periods, Windows will not send notifications.

      Microsoft's research found that people spend an average of 23 minutes per day regrouping and getting back on task after being distracted by a notification. A total waste of time.

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      - On screen notification to be controlled

      How to keep safe on the Internet while being productive

      Keeping data safe and secureSecurity Tools to keep you safe

      Security and compliance are key to maintaining control of sensitive and confidential information. Keeping safe and productive online requires smart decision-making and just the right preventive measures to fit the level of risk you can live with.

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      - How to keep safe on the Internet while being productive

      GDPR - six rules of the road for GDPR

      Security Manual now includes a GDPR Compliance Checklist to accelerate compliance with the new EU requirements

      Six rules that you should follow to be GDPR compliantGDPR data protection

      1. Consent to use information must be clearly explained and there must be a positive opt-in.
      2. At the time of data collection, a privacy notice should be presented.
      3. Collected personal information must be relevant and limited to what is necessary.
      4. Do not keep personal information any longer than necessary.
      5. Have a data protection policy and data breach response plan in place that meets the requirements of the GDPR.
      6. Seek expert advice or legal counsel as needed.

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      - GDPR - six rules of the road for GDPR