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    • Wearable Device champion named a C-Level executive

       Wearable Device champion named a C-Level executive

      Wearable DeviceTechnology is now playing a critical role in individuals who are promoted into C-Level positions.

      Press releases now include technology roles in capability of executives as they are promoted.  A case in point is Brooks Tingle who was just named as the CEO of John Hancock Insurance.  In his previous role he was the Senior VP of Marketing and Strategy for the insurance company where he championed wearable devices.

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      Median pay for IT Pros $90,116

      2018 Salary Survey put median IT Professionals compensation at $90,116

      Janco 2018 IT Salary Survey shows compensation for IT executives have fared better in large companies than mid-sized companies.  The greatest increases have been at the middle manager levels in mid-sized companies with an increase of 4.45% - most of which can be attributed to performance bonuses and the hiring of significantly more qualified individuals earlier.

      Median IT Pay now over $90K

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      Security, BIA, Vulnerability recent articles

      Security Manual Template includes BIA and Threat Vunlerability Assessment Tools

      Cyberattack ArticlesHere are some recent articles on security and cyberattacks:

      1. Security cyber war recent articles Cyber war  continues Cyber war and security recent postings: CIOs worry more about cyber threats with mobile computing  Cyber threats are now a much greater...
      2. ISO 31000 Compliance – Risk Management ISO 31000 Compliance – Risk Management Cloud processing and outsourcing add external risks to a business’ operation. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has implemented a...
      3. Risk Assessment Methodology Risk Assessment Methodology Risk Assessment Methodology extracted from Janco’s Security Manual Template — Risk management is a process to identify, assess, manage and control potential events...
      4. Inexpensive drones will be a new security risk Inexpensive drones are here now Drones are now available that cost less than $1,000 and can be used by almost everyone.  These devices raise security...
      5. Top 6 cyber attack threats Top 6 cyber attack  threats The top 6 threats that CSOs need to address as attackers conspire to take down applications and steal data. These...
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      Minimize cyberattack risks and exposures

      Security Policies - Procedures - Audit Tools

      Minimize cyberattack risks and exposuresMinimize cyberattack risks and exposures - Cyberattacks from malware and ransomware are a fact of life for IT professionals. Having a general understanding about how to handle attacks isn’t enough; you need to know the specifics of how, why, and when these attacks occur so you can deploy the best defense at each stage.

      Janco's Security Manual Template is a comprehensive solution to protection from cyberattacks and security management of all your digital resources.  The template address issues like

      • Meeting compliance requirements of US federal and state mandates, EU security requirements, and ISO standardization
      • Defending users at each step of the malware life cycle
      • Identify and protect your enterprise from the full range of cyberattacks
      • What to do to minimize the damage if an attack is successful
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      Solution to help protect sensitive and private content

      Sensitive Information Policy defined by 40 world-class enterprises

      Sensitive Information PolicySecuring customer's personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive personal information (SPI) is a priority for every organization. To ensure the security of customer information, too many businesses rely on lengthy manual processes or third-party resources that are only loosely integrated.

      To protect sensitive information, many states are now required to implement security programs that include capabilities for incident monitoring and alerting, trend reporting, logging, security information management (SIM), and other prudent security controls and practices.

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