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WFH contact information added to DRP Template

Tools that the CIO, CSO, CTO, and CFO can use for Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, Security, Job Descriptions, ITSM, Salary, Change Control, and Help Desk.

Work From Home Contact Information added to Disaster Recovery Template

DRP and WFH considerationsThe Covid has changed the way most companies operate.  A greater number of employees now work from home.  As a result, disaster recovery and buiness continuity plans need to take that into considerations.

The 2021 DR/BC Template has be updated to include WFH contact information in a specialized electronic form. Janco has developed a number of forms as its consultants help world class IT organizations to implement best practices as defined by its templates. Even if you do not think you need the templates you still can get a lot a value from the design and implementation of its forms.

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- WFH contact information added to DRP Template

IT Job Market Shrinks by over 55K jobs

Covid and shutdown cause the loss of many IT jobs

Larger enterprises are closing their doors permanently at a record pace, but that is only part of reduction in the IT Job Market..  The major loss of jobs for IT professions was in SMBs and the consulting firms that service them. There are over 7.5 million small to mid-sized business nationally.  They have been disproportionately impacted by shutdowns. 

An uncounted number of these SMBs are disappearing amid the shutdowns, and the drag on the economy from these failures will linger for some time. Firms with fewer than 500 employees account for about 44% of U.S. economic activity, according to a SBA, and they employ almost half of all IT Professionals.

IT Jobs created in 2021 vs 2020

- IT Job Market Shrinks by over 55K jobs

IT job market prospects are tied to the US national employment data

110,000 restaurants close doors

SMBs have been impacted the most by the forced Covid shutdowns.  For exanple, over 110K restaurants have closed their door.  Assuming there are 20 employees per restaurant that is over 2 million people who are out of work.

Extend this to other SMBs like suppliers and distribution companies, the impact of  shutdowsns is massive. In the IT industry if there are 110K fewer customers then POS programmers and analysts are not in demand.

IT hiring slows

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- IT job market prospects are tied to the US national employment data

Security needs to manage off-site data

Policy and Procedure Manual Compliance Management Made Easy 

Security Manual TemplateMany organizations fail to realize the benefits of security information management due to the often exhaustive financial and human resource costs of implementing and maintaining the software.

Business information is not just in storage systems on-site. It’s in the cloud with applications like Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Office365, Slack or ServiceNow. It’s even in the laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that we and our colleagues travel with. Like it or not, we all have information sprawl, and that reinforces risks and challenges that many IT teams still have problems with for on-site systems, such as backup and recovery, and data governance.

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- Security needs to manage off-site data

IT Infrastructure Governance

IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template

IT Governance InfrastructureGovernance professionals in large corporations with subsidiaries expend an appropriate amount of resources on robust corporate governance at the parent corporation level but neglect providing the same level of governance services at the subsidiary level. This is a trap for the unwary.

Areas that IT governance strategy that need to be answered are:

  • Role of subsidiary vs. the parent company
  • IT infrastructure Stategy
  • IT Infrastructure Compliance
  • Compliance and risk management responsibilities
  • Protecting the corporation
  • Proper oversight of subsidiaries
  • Models of corporate governance
  • Role of the CIO in subsidiary IT governance
  • Controls relating to subsidiary IT Infrastructure Governance

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- IT Infrastructure Governance

Ransomware attack on University of California SF

Security Manual Template which includes best practices for security including ransomware protection

Protect Servers from RansomwareRansomware can be particularly destructive as once a system is compromised, content is encrypted and rendered inaccessible. Victims are then faced with a choice: potentially lose their files, or pay a ransom demand. Cyberattackers will often include a time limit for a decision to be made to ramp up the pressure to pay.

The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) paid a partial ransom demand of $1.14 million to recover files locked down by a ransomware infection. UCSF servers used by the school of medicine are encrypted.

UCSF was attacked on June 1, malware was found in the UCSF School of Medicine's IT systems. Administrators quickly attempted to isolate the infection and ringfence a number of systems that prevented the ransomware from traveling to the core UCSF network and causing further damage.

While the school says the cyberattack did not affect "...patient care delivery operations, overall campus network, or COVID-19 work,"

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- Ransomware attack on University of California SF

Omni Commerce changes traditional IT strategy

Omni Commerce Strategic Planning Tool Kit Updated

Omni commerce strategyHow to Implement Omni Commerce -- Covid-19 and shift away from "brick and mortar" has changed the way people and business browse the Internet, shop, provide service and communicate with suppliers, customers and associates.

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- Omni Commerce changes traditional IT strategy

Work from Home changes housing requirements

WFH is changing living space requirements

Work from Home impacts mobility infrastructureWith Work from Home (WFH) as a new way to do business, house requirements are changing.  Now may are looking for apartments and homes that have room for an office and broadband Internet access.

Having a dedicated space acting as an alternative to home and the office seems a fitting concept in current times. Government guidelines are staying clear of any encouragement to return to the office, and many workers will now have fully embraced their telecommuting routines. That is not to say, however, that every aspect of remote work is thrilling.

Sure, you may have requested the appropriate lumbar cushion, keyboard or monitor from your employer to help with your back pain; or carefully stuck to expert tips to stay healthy, happy and productive, even during a global pandemic. 

Mobility Policies

Comes as a downloaded electronic document in MS Word, PDF, and ePub formats

  • 8 Policies
  • 28 electronic forms
  • 14 full job descriptions

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- Work from Home changes housing requirements

WalMart hires over 235,000 new employees in six weeks

Not all IT Job Market News is Bad

Hiring to bring the economy back to normalThe job statistics are the worst that the US job market has ever seen. From mid-March through April, thousands of organizations laid off over 40 million American workers. But lost in that grim news was a one positive statistic. Walmart hired 235,000 people, an average of more than 5,000 people a day, to meet its dramatic demand for its goods and services.

Not many firms will need to hire the near equivalent of a small city's population in six. In Walmart case, the firm needed to rapidly fill in for those sick or staying home from the virus and new recruits for warehouses, distribution centers and stores. But experts say there is an important lesson here: at some point, the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will fade, and many companies may need to fill many jobs fast. To do that successfully, they say, will take a lot more than just hanging out a bunch of 'Help Wanted' signs.

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- WalMart hires over 235,000 new employees in six weeks

Work From Home (WFH) increases requiremets for Security Audits

Security Audit Program 2020 edition just released 

Security Audit ProgramQuestions such as the following are not uncommon with new emphsis on Work From Home (WFM):

  • How do you know who can access this folder with financial/customer/sensitive data in it?
  • Who authorized a user to have access permission to a file and how?
  • If a key file was deleted, how would you know it happened, or who did it?
  • Who were the last people to access a critical folder, and what did they do?
  • How do you make sure that the right people have access to your data?

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- Work From Home (WFH) increases requiremets for Security Audits

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