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IT Hiring Explodes as Job Market Expands

Forecasts over 107K new IT jobs will be added in 2019

40,300 new IT jobs created in the first four months of 2019, the market is the tightest that is has been since the early 2000s. Contributing to tech sector growth were gains in other information services, including search portals, up 5,200 jobs, and computer and electronic products manufacturing, up 2,200 jobs. The category of data processing, hosting and related services added 500 jobs.

IT Job Market Expansion

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- IT Hiring Explodes as Job Market Expands

Ransomware Hides Other Breaches

Ransomware covers other cyberattacks

Ransomware impacts security, disaster recovery, and business continuityRansomware is just like others use DDoS attacks as a distraction technique to hide more serious attacks going in the background. Security professionals are finding that attackers are using ransomware as part of their exit strategy to help cover up and erase clues of a more serious incident.

These other threats are delivered through the same means as regular ransomware - usually a phishing email and then a link or attachment loaded with a malicious file. The goal is to both delete potential forensic breadcrumbs and hope organizations don't investigate further after recovering from the ransomware infection.

Once one attack occurs is normal to expect an other that is even more extensive than the first one.

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- Ransomware Hides Other Breaches

Best Talent is key to digital success

Getting the Best IT Talent is Basis Internet and Information Technology Job Description

Organizations that win at digital are the one that acquire and have the best talent. And the best IT Pros are what organizations need to keep transforming in these times of change. Insufficient development of digital skills and capabilities leads to gaps that can prohibit a organization from actually reaping the benefits of their digital investments.

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- Best Talent is key to digital success

2019 IT Salary Survey Now Available

2019 IT Salary Survey Now Available for CIOs and HR Professionals

2019 IT Salary SurveyAre you paying too much or too little to your IT staff? Do you have IT job descriptions? Are you earning what you're worth? Whether employer or employee, it is important to know what other companies are paying in total compensation for a similar position in your area.

Technology centers like San Francisco (Bay Area), Chicago, Atlanta, District of Columbia, New York and Washington State continued to lead the way in new IT job creation. Salary data for individual metro areas is provided for each of the positions surveyed.

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- 2019 IT Salary Survey Now Available

Many companies do not address known security vulnerabilities

CIO's and IT Managers to not address security vulnerabilities aggressively

Security Team managing security vulnerabilitiesIn a recent study it was found that companies typically have the IT staff triage security vulnerabilities and patch only the most dangerous ones. That is 69% of the ones discovered. For the remaining defects:

  • 70% of vulnerabilities remain unpatched four weeks after disclosure
  • 55% sill open after 3 months
  • 25% of the high-severity ratings vulnerabilities were took over 290 days to correct

The study found that the Asia-Pacific region acts the quickest to respond and implement solutions. They patch 25% of the defects within an average of eight days. In the US that takes 22 days and in Europe and the Middle East it takes 28 days.
There are several things that enterprise software developers can do to help improve application security. The most important function of an application security program is to effectively fix flaws once they are discovered.

It has been found that, the most prevalent flaw types appear year after year. That means organizations have made very little headway to create awareness within their development organizations about serious vulnerabilities, like cryptographic flaws, SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Organizations need to find effective ways to prioritize which flaws they fix first. Over time, there has been good progress with closing flaws through remediation or mitigation, but there is more work to do.

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- Many companies do not address known security vulnerabilities