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Insurance costs for disaster recovery going up

DRP BCP Insurace to go up by 15% to 20%

 Insurace cost riseMoody's Investors Service say that Hurricane Dorian and more severe wildfires will probably force the world's biggest reinsurers to increase their rates by about 15%.  In a survey of 35 primary insurers, it was found that most expected rates for property insurance in the U.S. and the Caribbean -- the areas most effected by hurricanes -- to rise between 15% and 20%.  U.S. property insurance with natural catastrophe cover has increased steadily since the 2017 hurricane season when three storms battered the U.S. in quick succession.

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- Insurance costs for disaster recovery going up

C-Level executives hold CIOs accountable for security breaches

Threat - Risk AssessmentTools for the CIO and IT Managers to better manage security exposure

Recent hacks have place a new emphsis on security risk factors. C-Level executives want to know what risks they face. Many are asking for Risk Scores.  The issue is that existing KPI metrics do not help to address security risk in  a way that is meaningful.

Risk Score

The constant stream of high profile breaches and the resulting class action lawsuits, negative PR, loss in share price, cybersecurity insurance pay-out refusals, and even termination of liable executives has made this an urgent priority.

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- C-Level executives hold CIOs accountable for security breaches

CapitalOne Data Breach Shows No Data Is Safe

CapitalOne Data BreachC-level executives in all organizations concerned about data breaches with recent CapitalOne Data Breach

CapitalOn data breache, malware attacks, and mandated requirements are an everyday issue for organizations as the move towards e-commerce and blockchain architecture continues to take a larger portion of normal operations. With all of the additional demands this places on the technology processing functions, C-level executives are demanding that the CIO and CTO have in place tools to address these compliance and security issues.

Compliance Kit Options

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- CapitalOne Data Breach Shows No Data Is Safe

Best Talent is key to digital success

Getting the Best IT Talent is Basis Internet and Information Technology Job Description

Organizations that win at digital are the one that acquire and have the best talent. And the best IT Pros are what organizations need to keep transforming in these times of change. Insufficient development of digital skills and capabilities leads to gaps that can prohibit a organization from actually reaping the benefits of their digital investments.

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- Best Talent is key to digital success

Blockchain goes international with cargo carriers

Blockchain skills in high demand

The three largest overseas container shipping companies are now using the same  blockchain-based digital tracking system, which enables an electronic ledger that can be seen in near real time.

Blockchain skills in demand

A.P. Moller-Maersk (Maersk), developed the TradeLens supply chain platform,

The electronic shipping ledger records details of cargo shipments as they leave their origin, arrive in ports, are moved overseas and eventually received by manufacturers and others. This enables competing shippers to connect, share information and collaborate across the shipping supply chain ecosystem. Members gain a comprehensive view of their data and can digitally collaborate as cargo moves around the world, helping create a transparent, secure, immutable record of transactions.

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- Blockchain goes international with cargo carriers