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Coronavirus Changes the way we work

The website is a resource site for Information Technology management. This site contains the tools that the CIO, CSO, and CFO can use for Sarbanes Oxley, Disaster Recovery, Security, Job Descriptions, IT Service Management, Change Control, Help Desk, Service Requests, SLAs - Service Level Agreements, and Metrics.

Pandemic Best Practices for IT Infrastructure

Pandemic Infrastructure ToolsThough its timing, severity, and ultimate strain remain a mystery, a pandemic promises to test the critical Information Technology infrastructure of enterprises across the globe. Professionals have long maintained the potential for pandemic influenza is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when.

The areas of focus for the Pandemic Infrastructure are:

  • Impact of a pandemic on the enterprise
  • Impact of a pandemic on employees and customers
  • Supply chain ramifications
  • Definition of specific pandemic procedures that are required to address it
  • Definition of resource allocations need to protect both employees and customers
  • Identification of communication and education required for management and employees
  • Identification of what coordination with external entities and how to help the local community.

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- Coronavirus Changes the way we work

Everyone is moving towards mobile interactions

Policies and procedures on how to deal with increasing mobility

Move to Mobile ComputingAccording to a recent study, phone interactions will drop from 41% to 12% over the next five years, as consumers keep going digital. Businesses that excel in digital customer service, or DX, will clearly have a competitive advantage in this new world.

It's obvious to companies that they need to immediately start on the road to digital experience. The Mobility Policy Bundle is something that needs to be implemented. Comes as a downloaded electronic document in MS Word, PDF, and ePub formats

  • 8 Policies
  • 28 electronic forms
  • 14 full job descriptions

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- Everyone is moving towards mobile interactions

Best Talent is key to digital success

Getting the Best IT Talent is Basis Internet and Information Technology Job Description

Organizations that win at digital are the one that acquire and have the best talent. And the best IT Pros are what organizations need to keep transforming in these times of change. Insufficient development of digital skills and capabilities leads to gaps that can prohibit a organization from actually reaping the benefits of their digital investments.

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Salary Survey Job Descriptions IT Job Families IT Hiring Kit Interview Guide

- Best Talent is key to digital success

COVID-19 Impacts IT Pros

Tech Sector Employment Hit Hard by COVID-19, Hiring 'Nonexistent'

The COVID-19 pandemic is shattering tech sector employment. More than 102,300 IT pros losing their jobs last month.

COVID-19 hits IT Pros hard

IT pros who do not have a job are finding it difficult to even find contract work.  Until the public begins to feel they can go back to a normal lifestyle and companies open their doors, IT hiring will be nonexistent.

The demand for contractor help in this effort was high initially, but now is nonexistent. All of this has put IT professionals in the same state as the rest of the labor market.

Overall, there are now more than 3.56 million IT jobs in the United States. The number of telecommunications jobs continues to erode as artificial intelligence erodes more of those job functions.

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- COVID-19 Impacts IT Pros

IT Job Market now 3.67 Million and growing

IT Pros in high demand - even COBOL programmers

The Covid-19 shutdown has not significantly impacted the continual growth of the IT Job Market.  It continues on its 10 plus year growth.

IT job market growth

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- IT Job Market now 3.67 Million and growing