Compliance Products are updated to meet the latest mandated requirements

C-level executives demand these products

Data breaches, malware attacks, and mandated requirements are an everyday issue for organizations as the move towards e-commerce and Blockchain architecture continues to take a larger portion of normal operations. With all of the additional demands this places on the technology processing functions, C-level executives are demanding that the CIO and CTO have in place tools to address these compliance and security issues.

Compliance Products are updated to meet the latest requirements. Compliance issues about centered around security, disaster recovery, and business continuity. The CIO is the one who is centered around how technology and compliance merge the information and data stored by IT and enterprise operations. With that as a base, Janco has created a set of tools to address these issues.

With the advent of GDPR for the EU, compliance became more complex. Now enterprises have the situation where they have no physical presence in a location - be it a country, state, metro area, or municipality and the enterprise needs to comply with regulations due to mandated requirements. This adds significant infrastructure and associated compliance costs. It is now more important that ever for a structured compliance process is in place and is auditable.

Compliance Process

The compliance process needs to be structured and robust enough to deal with all of the changing compliance requirements.

Compliance Process

Best practices to meet compliance requirements are to have a compliance process in place that will not only define how compliance will be implemented but also to discover when compliance rules are no being followed. Then there need to be Risk Assessment to evaluate risks that exist. Finally there needs to be a way to mitigate risks by re-meditating the identified risks. The tools listed below support this process.

Compliance Management Governance

What is Compliance

Compliance is more than following the rules. Rather it is the foundation for security protection and privacy of users and those whose data we have. There have been major breaches at organizations of all sizes. Companies the size of Google to your favorite restaurant have been breached.

Compliance is required by governmental agencies as well industry associations and standardization groups like ISO. With the moves by the EU on GDPR, once a US becomes involved with international transactions it gets even more complex.

Technology also plays a role as technology solutions move towards Blockchain architecture. Standardization in added to the compliance grid.

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