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Facebook Major Security Breach

Facebook stored hundreds of millions passwords in plain text

password breachAs part of a Facebook's security review, they found that some user passwords were being stored in a readable format within our internal data storage systems. Facebook will have to notify hundreds of millions of Facebook users, tens of millions of other Facebook users, and tens of thousands of Instagram users.

Storing hundreds of millions of passwords in a readable format is another big embarrassment for the social media giant, which has already struggled with how to deal with its platform being used to spread fake news and disinformation, plus other companies harvesting data from its users' profiles and then passing it onto third parties.

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- Facebook Major Security Breach

blog.e-janco.com updated

blog.e-janco.com - Tools for the CIO and IT Manager Updated

Janco's original blog was on an ISP server that was not very reliable and extremely slow.  Also when it was time for renewal, we were told that the cost of "hosting" or blog was going to increase by a factor of ten, Janco decided to move to a new server.  For more background on this you can read the post on our blog at https://blog.e-janco.com/2019/01/26/blog-management-and-bluehost/


- blog.e-janco.com updated

Recruiting and Hiring Kit 2019 Released

IT Hiring Kit 2019 Version Released - IT Salary Survey, 300 Job Descriptions, and Interview and Hiring Guide

The 2019 IT Hiring Kit is the one indispensable resource necessary to recruit and staff a "World Class" IT function.  ITprovides up-to-date salary data gathered through an extensive survey of businesses throughout the United States and Canada;  polished job descriptions for the positions surveyed;and a compete Interview and Hiring guide with "Best Practices. This proprietary information reduces the time it takes to recruit top talent and ensure that you get the right person for each job.

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- Recruiting and Hiring Kit 2019 Released

Data transparancy and compliance an issue for many CIOs

Security and Compliance are ever greater issue

data transparancyData transparancy and compliance an issue for many CIOs. A survey of over 200 companies in more than 122 countries, found only 51 percent of businesses had accurate inventories of where their data was getting stored.  Also how it was collected and transmitted, regardless of whether the information related to customers or employees. That means most of them fell short with sufficient data transparency.

How do you comply with security and privacy mandates if you do not know where you data is located?

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- Data transparancy and compliance an issue for many CIOs

XML is not displayed with Chrome like IE or Firefox

XML is not displayed with Chrome like IE or Firefox

For whatever reason, Chrome does not have an automatic way to disply XML and RSS file.  They also make it hard to find the extension to do that.  There is one that we found that works - RSS Subscription Extension (by Open Source).  With that extension you can see the rss and xml format in a way that a person can read it.

IT Infrastructure Policies and Procedures - One of the best ways to communicate and understand a company and its operating culture is through its policies. Designing and writing policy and communicating it effectively is an essential skill for professionals to have. By having policy carefully developed and communicated, employees will clearly know what the organization expects from them, the degree of control and independence they will have, and what the benefits and consequences are in regard to adhering to policy.

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- XML is not displayed with Chrome like IE or Firefox