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Top 10 issues for CIO

Chief Technology Officer Productivity Tools

Top 10 CIO Management and Planning Priorities

Top 10 CIO Priorities are:

  1. Staffing
  2. Blockchain, ERP, and Cloud
  3. Mobile Computing
  4. Social Media Impact
  5. Skills for New Technologies
  6. Security and Hacking
  7. Access Management
  8. Risk Management
  9. ROI on New Technology
  10. Data Privacy

2020 CIO Top 10 Priorities

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- Top 10 issues for CIO

CTO Job Description

CTO - Chief Technology Officer Job Description

CTO Job DescriptionThe Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overall direction of all technology functions with the enterprise.  This includes Information Technology applications, communications (voice, data, and wireless), and computing services within the enterprise that impact both the enterprise, its products, and its customers. 

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Product Announcement - KPI Metrics Job Descriptions

KPI Metrics Job Description Bundle

Janco has just released its update KPI Metrics job description bundle. It has been updated along with KPI Metrics HandiGuide to include issues created with the increased Work From Home (WFH) requirements.  There now are 22 full job descriptions included in the bundle. 

KPI Metrics & SLA Job DescriptionsThey are delivered electronically in MS WORD, pdf, a eBook formants. The job descriptions in the bundle are: Chief Data Officer,  Chief Experience OLfficer, VP Administration, VP Strategy and Architecture, Digtal Brand Manager, Director IT Management and Control, Manager Contracts and Pricing, Manager Controller, Manager KPI Metrics, Manager Metrics,  Manager Outsourcing, Manager Service Level Reporting, Manager Social Networking, Manager Vendor Management, Key Performance Indicator Analyst, Metrics Measurement Analyst, Quality Measurement Analyst, SEO Specialist, System Administrator Linux,  System Administrator Unix, System Administrator Windows, and Wi-Fi Network Administrator


- Product Announcement - KPI Metrics Job Descriptions

Top 10 Telecommuting Management Best Practices

Telecommuting environment is complex and needs to be managed

Telecommunication PolicyTop 10 telecommuting best practices have been identified by Janco Associates' consu;tants.  They are:

  1. Have a plan for what each telecommuting employee's work day should
  2. Have every employee report to their manager daily.
  3. Have managers focus on removing obstacles.
  4. Have managers create KPI metrics.
  5. Make sure every manager has at least a weekly video conferences with their team.
  6. Build team morale and keep people focused on business goals.
  7. Monitor security and compliance.
  8. Have the IT help desk focus on telecommuting workforce.
  9. Management team members should engage the teams in discussions about how they will emerge stronger when this incident is over.
  10. C-Level executives should work with their leadership teams and Board of Directors to start shaping a new strategy.

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- Top 10 Telecommuting Management Best Practices

CIOs cautiously optimistic

Approximately 95,400 net new IT jobs will be created in 2020 even with Covid-19

CIOs have been been interviewed by Janco Associates and has identified 6 major findings.

  1. CIO feel there will be some widespread, but not universal, reductions in the original 2020 IT budgets
  2. CIOs will continue projects already underway (especially larger ones)
  3. CIOs believe new projects not yet started may be delayed or cancelled
  4. CIOs have a sense of resilience and cautious optimism.
  5. CIOs do not have enough confidence in the forecast of business impact to ascertain IT impact. However, this has highlighted the
  6. CIOs believe we need to continue to invest in digital, automation, efficiency and modernization with emphasis and acceleration on already planned digital workplace efforts

IT Job Market Growth

- CIOs cautiously optimistic