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Top 10 Best Practices for Interviewing

Employment & Recruiting Top 10 Best Practices

Candidates often say yes when they are offered a position even if they are not planning on taking the job. It is up to the company and its recruiters to create a situation that will assure that when they provide an offer it is accepted and the candidate actually starts.

Top 10 Best Interview Best Practices

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- Top 10 Best Practices for Interviewing

CTO Chief Technoology Officer Job Description

Chief Technology Officer Job Description Just Updated

CTO Job DescriptionThe Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overall direction of all technology within the enterprise.  Included are all the Information Technology applications, communications, and computing services within the enterprise that impact both the enterprise, its products, and its customers. 

As the top technical architect of the enterprise, he/she provides a vision of how technology can be applied.  This includes product design, customer interactions with the enterprise, IT operating systems, communications, transaction processing and database administration, compliance with all mandated requirements, the information center, personal computers, electronic and optical storage, and multimedia applications.

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- CTO Chief Technoology Officer Job Description

C-Level Job Descriptions

C-Level Job Description Bundle Just Updated

The C-Level job description bundle contains the top nine (9) IT job descriptions. Each is between 5 to 8 pages long and is at the level of detail that KPI performance metrics can be defined and related directly to both employment contracts and compensation/bonus levels.

  • Chief Information Officer(CIO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Small Enterprise
  • Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Mobility Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Data Officer (CDaO)
  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

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- C-Level Job Descriptions

Privacy Compliance Policy added to Mobility Policy Bundle

Mobility Policy Bundle includes Privacy Compliance Policy

Mobility Policy BundleThe increasing use and dependency on IT is drastically changing the way companies improve employee productivity and keep in closer contact with its customers.

  • Policies defined the rules of the road for mobile computing yet only one in five organizations have them defined and implemented.
  • CIOs are looking into a wide range of devices.
  • IT Help desks need to focus more of their resources handling mobile computing.
  • By definition, mobile devices are extending beyond corporate physical security controls and data on devices or transmitted over public Wi-Fi networks is at risk.
  • Lost or stolen device are the most common type of mobile security incident today.

Policies included in the full bundle are:

  • BYOD Policy
  • Mobile Device Policy
  • Privacy Compliance Policy
  • Record Management Retention and Destruction Policy
  • Social Networking Policy
  • Telecommuting Policy
  • Travel and Off site Meeting Policy
  • Wearable Device Policy
  • BONUS -- Chief Mobility Officer Job Description -- Just updated to reflect CaCPA mandates

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- Privacy Compliance Policy added to Mobility Policy Bundle

Updated Recruiting and Hiring Kit Released

Updated IT Hiring Kit Released - IT Salary Survey, 300 Job Descriptions, and Interview and Hiring Guide

The IT Hiring Kit is the one indispensable resource necessary to recruit and staff a "World Class" IT function.  ITprovides up-to-date salary data gathered through an extensive survey of businesses throughout the United States and Canada;  polished job descriptions for the positions surveyed;and a compete Interview and Hiring guide with "Best Practices. This proprietary information reduces the time it takes to recruit top talent and ensure that you get the right person for each job.

IT Job DescriptionIT Salary SurveyInterview & Hiring Guide

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- Updated Recruiting and Hiring Kit Released