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Chief Technology Officer Job Description

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Ransomware attacks against school and universities

Chief Technology Officer Productivity Tools - including CTO jobdescription

IT Governance Infrastucture Tool Kit Address Ransomware

IT Governance and InfrastructureLA Unified School Distrist which enrolls more than 640,00 students from kindergarten to 12th grade has suffered a major ransomware attack. This ransomware attack could impact a wide range of services, like a school's digital attendance collection, student personal identification data, phone services, scheduled food service deliveries or payroll applications.

They were able to have a robust responce because they have the right set of tools in place. They had implemented a CIO Infrastructure Governance Management process.

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- Ransomware attacks against school and universities

Hiring of IT Pros Robust but Slowing

IT job market prospects are tied to overall US national employment

Over 93,000 new IT jobs were created in 2022. That is a good sign but there are some dark clouds over the horizon as the 3-month moving average of new IT jobs created is in a downward trend. According to the data from the BLS the last three months went from 29,500 to 24,000 to 18,400.

IT job market demand

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- Hiring of IT Pros Robust but Slowing

Many recent IT Pro hires are not long term employees

Recent Hires Do Not Meet Job Requirements

Recruiting IT ProsResearch has found that 61% of employers have settled for a candidate that did not sufficiently match the job role, ultimately hindering growth and incurring additional costs to businesses.

At the same time, more than half (53%) of all CIO and HR hiring managers feel pressure to pay new hires more than current employees, adding to the burden of making a bad hire.

In today's economy, nearly every organization faces pressure to have the right talent in place, run at peak efficiency and "do more with less". With the economic improvement and lowest unemployment numbers in several years, HR departments are pressured to get qualified professionals on board now. The ITHiring Kit is the one tool that anyone to streamline the recruiting process.

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- Many recent IT Pro hires are not long term employees

Preparing for Russian cyberattacks

E-mail is the gateway used by Ransomware Cyberattackers

Security Manual Template - Easy to ImplementThe federal government has issued statements that corporations need to prepare for Russian cyberattacks.  There are 8 things that every IT fucncion needs to do.

  1. Implement Multifactor Authinication
  2. Deploy modern security tools on your computers and devices which continuously patrol for and mitigate threats
  3. Update system p[atches that protected against all known vulnerabilities, and change passwords across your networks so that previously stolen credentials are useless to malicious actors
  4. Back up your data and ensure you have offline backups
  5. Train staff and testr emergency plans so that you are prepared to respond quickly to minimize the impact of any attack
  6. Encrypt your data so it cannot be used if it is stolen
  7. Educate your employees to common tactics that attackers will use over email or through websites
  8. Work with FBI and CISA to establish relationships in advance of any cyber incidents

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- Preparing for Russian cyberattacks

2022 Edition of IT Job Descriptions Released

Internet and Information Technology Positions Description HandiGuide 2022 Edition Released

There now are  320 full IT Job Descriptions available from Janco. The 320 positions include all of the functions within the IT group. The Job Descriptions have been updated to be compliant with PCI-DSS, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, CobiT, and the ITIL standards. The job descriptions are all structured to focus on "Best Practices" as defined by the IT Productivity Center to meet the requirements of World Class Enterprises. They are ready to use and easily modified to meet your enterprise's unique requirements.

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- 2022 Edition of IT Job Descriptions Released