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Alaska and DC have the highest unemployement rates

Out of 50 States plus DC Only Two Have High Unemployment Rates

In December 2018 there were 2 regions with an unemployment rate of over 5.5%. That is the same as it was last month. That is one state - Alaska  and the District of Columbia.

States with High Unemployment Rates

Those two regions have been in the economic doldrums for over one year. Historic data does not lie.  Those are both job markets to avoid.

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- Alaska and DC have the highest unemployement rates

2019 IT Salary Survey released

IT compensation and hiring accelerates according to the latest IT Salary Survey by Janco

2019 IT Salary SurveyBetween the start of 2018 and the start of 2019, the total mean compensation for all IT Professionals increased from $90,439 to $93,077. Much of the rise is attributed to the increase in demand for IT Pros and the limited supply of U.S. based professionals.

Positions in highest demand are associated with e-commerce, application development security, big data, distributed/mobile system project management, and quality control.

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- 2019 IT Salary Survey released

Is Cloud Killing some IT Jobs

Communication and System Admin IT Jobs Lost as Movement to Cloud Continues

IT shares a number of characteristics with manufacturing - that mean cloud adoption will automate some IT jobs out of existence. The jobs at greatest risk are in telecommunications and system administraton.

Automation takes people out of the repetitive and routine tasks. That in turn reduces both labor costs and the variability in the results.  That in turn eliminates overhead, errors, and downtime. As cloud use increases and datacenters shrink, the staff that builds, maintains, and troubleshoots the datacenter network, servers, and applications aren¬ít needed. Thus fewer people are needed to manage workloads, security, and vendor contracts.

Historic IT Job Market Size

It is clear from the table above the number of Telecommunications jobs in 2000 has been reduced by 50% over the past 18 years.  That trend continues.

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- Is Cloud Killing some IT Jobs

IT Job Descriptions Need to Be Updated Every 12 months

288 UPDATED Internet and Information Technology Positions Description Available for immediate download

Full Suite of tools to help manage the HR processes -- includes 288 Position Descriptions, Job Progression Matrix, Organization Charts, and Employee Termination in electronic checklist form

IT Job Descriptions updated to reflect latest compliance requirements. The Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide was completed in 2018 and is over 800 pages; which includes sample organization charts, a job progression matrix, and 288 Internet and IT job descriptions. The book addresses all mandated requirements, including the ADA, and is in an easy to use format. If you have ordered this in the past look at the version history to see the changes we have made and consider ordering the update service.

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- IT Job Descriptions Need to Be Updated Every 12 months

Blockchain Developer Job Description

Blockchain developer Job Description

Blockchain Developer Job DescriptionBlockchain developer Job Description demand article Janco Associates quoted in ComputerWorld.

Not surprisingly, salaries for blockchain positions are typically higher than in other areas of expertise since there are few qualified candidates, according to Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, a management consulting firm that conducts regular salary surveys.

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- Blockchain Developer Job Description