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    Interview process key to hiring right IT Pro

    Best Practices for Recruiting and Hiring

    Interview and Hiring GuideIt is important for the success of an organization that it find and hire individuals who can succeed. From exit interviews of unsuccessful individuals and reviews with recruiting managers’, we have found several reasons why new hires failed: job responsibly nor clearly defined, cultural miss-match, employee does not take direction, employee does not listen, project lost sponsorship/funding, and many more. The Interview Hiring Kit addresses many of these.

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    Resume and interview skills are key to getting a good job

    Sure-fire ways to ensure your resume makes the right impression

    Successful IT Professions need to have good communication skills. If you can't write your resume, there's little likelihood that you'll be able to communicate effectively when it comes time to write a critical report. Your resume is the first example of your writing that a potential employer sees," said Williams. "Communication during the interview is also important, so brush up on your interview skills. Do some mock interviews with friends. If you can't interview with friends, you are unlikely to do well in the actual interview.

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    Telecom job market suffers

    Mean Compensation for all IT Pros is up by 5.43% in June to June comparison

    Despite IT job gains attributed to a growing economy, telecommunications hiring has been suffering this year. The industry dropped 700 jobs in June, making a total of 43,800 jobs lost in 2017. That comes as no surprise considering the whirlwind of telco mergers and acquisitions. Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo's Internet properties led to a massive cut, Windstream's purchase of EarthLink eliminated hundreds of employees, and Vonage recently laid off 90 people due to acquisition redundancy.

    IT Job Market Demand

    Janco 2017 Jobs Forecast noted that the telecommunications industry has lost 39,200 jobs in the last year, despite a growth of 88,000 IT jobs.


    The company's survey found that fewer companies are offering new executive and senior management positions in IT, although IT staff is increasing on the whole.

    Janco CEO Victor Janulaitis says the executives his company interviewed expressed a wave of confidence after the 2016 U.S. election, but that sentiment has faded.

    "It seems the tide has turned and they now feel there will be less growth in IT budgets for the remainder of this year.” Janulaitis said. “Hiring prospects are marginal at best, except for IT staff at the worker level in the latter part of this year."

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    Chief Digital Officer - Hot New Job Title

    The CDO is not only a digital expert, but also a seasoned general manager - 1 in 5 companies have the role filled

    The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is the executive responsible for the digital agenda within an enterprise. That means thinking more about the business case first than technology implementations.  As the role is transformational, the CDOs is responsible for the adoption of digital technologies across the entire business. As with most senior executive titles, the responsibilities are set by the organization's board of directors or other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure. The CDO is responsible for digital consumer experiences across the entire enterprise and its operations.

    Chief Digital Officer is a hot new job

    Some of the responsibilities of this role include:

    • Earning company-wide commitment - Getting everyone on board with the digital vision is a major endeavor task with internal politics and an ever-changing digital landscape.
    • Developing a digital strategy mission statement - CDO is responsible for end-to-end strategy, design and implementation of the company's digital roadmap.
    •  Creating the bridge between data and the business operations - the CDO focus is the relationship between the data and the customer.
    • Maintaining links with experts.
    • Maintaining a balance between business and technology.
    • Connecting digital investments to enterprise KPIs in order to achieve positive digital transformation.
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    Top Paid CIOs

    Top paid CIO positions have broad responsibilities -- Highest Paid in CTO $13.7 million

    Janco has just completed its review of the top paid CIOs in publicly traded companies. Two of the individuals who were on the list last year have had their roles expanded so they have more than IT within their scope of responsibilities.

    Some of the individuals in the this years list also have broad operational responsibilities. If they are successful this year they will be excluded from next year's list.


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