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    Top Paid CIOs

    Top paid CIO positions have broad responsibilities -- Highest Paid in CTO $13.7 million

    Janco has just completed its review of the top paid CIOs in publicly traded companies. Two of the individuals who were on the list last year have had their roles expanded so they have more than IT within their scope of responsibilities.

    Some of the individuals in the this years list also have broad operational responsibilities. If they are successful this year they will be excluded from next year's list.


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    How to Build a Productive Organization

    Everything you need to respond and hire as demand for IT Professionals increases key to productivity

    The right staffing is the one sure way to dramatically boost an organization’s productivity. Companies need high performers, which means placing a focus on attracting, developing and retaining top talent at every level. Factors that are critical in this are:

    1. Understanding what a high-performing organization looks like
    2. Grasping what high-performing employees want.
    3. Building appealing job roles
    4. Creating an enticing workplace culture

    When it is necessary to hire, it is critical to make every hire count. There is little room for error. It is crucial for senior-level leadership, human resources and hiring managers to all be on the same page and do the right thing.

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    Service sector jobs next to be automated

    Service Sector is the next to face mass automation 

    Future automation will not be taking place in the traditional manufacturing sectors that have already felt the brunt of automation, but in regions that have a preponderance of low-skilled jobs. Most susceptible to job losses are people working in food preparation and serving, office or administrative support, and sales. Las Vegas, for example will see a loss of 65% of it jobs. Service sector employment, once the panacea to a fading manufacturing landscape, will the same losses that the blue-collar sector suffered not so long ago.

    Other cities that will see major job losses include: El Paso Texas - 64%, Riverside California - 63%,  Greensboro North Carolinia - 63% and seven others with rates at more than 60%.

    Service Sector Automation

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    High paying entry level positions for recent IT graduates

    IT compensation and new hiring are up according to the latest IT Salary Survey by Janco

    Hisest paying entry level positions for IT graduatesThe top 7 highest paying IT tech jobs for recent graduates, along with their median starting salary and the current number of open, entry-level positions across the nation.

    1. Data scientist - Median starting salary: $93,500
    2. Hardware engineer - Median starting salary: $90,000
    3. Software engineer - Median starting salary: $80,000
    4. Technology analyst - Median starting salary: $76,000
    5. Security engineer - Median starting salary: $74,200
    6. Process development engineer - Median starting salary: $73,000
    7. User experience design - Median starting salary: $72,000

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    H-1B visa program under review - possible overhaul

    S Corporations pay more to average H-1B Visa holders than do non-US Companies

    The U.S. government received 199,000 H-1B visa petitions for the upcoming 2018 fiscal year -- 37,000 less than in 2016. The U.S. received 236,000 visa petitions for the current fiscal year. In fiscal year 2016, there were 233,000 requests; the year before that, there were 172,500.

    The government will issue 85,000 H-1B visas via a computer-generated lottery. The winners will be able to use their visas at the start of the federal fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

    Janco sees the President's actions and campaign rhetoric as having had an impact on the offshore outsourcing industry, which includes the largest users of H-1B visa workers. Firms considering shipping IT jobs overseas appear now to be more cautious than in recent years.

    H-1B visa program under review

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