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107,500 new IT jobs will be added in 2019

Growth of IT Job Market

There now are more position openings than qualified professionals available to fill them.  CIOs and HR departments are adjusting starting salaries and fringe benefits in order to facilitate hiring qualified IT Pros.  This, in turn, is causing some compression of pay grades for some key positions which has a direct impact on staff turnover.   In order to help CIOs and HR professionals address the hiring and retention issues they are facing, Janco has just released an update to its IT Hiring Kit (see https://www.e-janco.com/ITHirePack.htm).

Growth of IT Job Market

Janco is seeing more frustration as it becomes more difficult to find qualified individuals. Everyone is concerned that as they fill positions the individuals are qualified and will remain with them for some time.

Future IT Hiring Trends by CIOs

IT Hiring Kit Update Released

The updated IT Hiring Kit was just released.  It comes with: 1) Interview Hiring Guide with sets of best practices, questions to ask and not ask, background check process, screening, and interview process; 2) latest IT Salary Survey; and 3) 300 IT Job descriptions from CIO to Blockchain Developers.  Also available is an update subscription service for a 1-year to a 2-year time period.

With the current growth of the IT job market and most enterprises planning on expanding the impact of technology external and internal operations, the outlook for IT professionals is the brightest it has been in several years.

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- 107,500 new IT jobs will be added in 2019

Over 95.7 Million Excluded from U.S. Labor Market

95,714 million individuals excluded from the labor force and the unemployment statistics

95.714 million plus individuals excluded from the labor force in March 2019, there were 412,000 discouraged workers - a decrease of 94,000 from prior year. This is a significant improvement.

There are 90,827,000 who just do not want work at all. That is an increase of 70,000 from the same month last year.

Labor Force Participation


- Over 95.7 Million Excluded from U.S. Labor Market

CIO Resume Makeover

Chief Information Officer - An Ever Expanding Set of Responsibilities

C-Level Job DescriptionsIT leaders seeking executive-level roles face a common resume conundrum: how to convey their extensive experience and skills in a compact way that has impact.

CIOs want to make sure that they are sharing the right amount of information.  Many feel their resume is a bit long at 3 pages. Typically it can be boring, not memorable, and could use some help on visual design.

Some best practices are:

  • Be Brief
  • Be Clear and Organized
  • Focus on Business Value
  • Convey Transformational Leadership Capabilities
  • Show Career Progression
  • Show Peronal Qualities

CIO Resume

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- CIO Resume Makeover

IT Hiring Picks Up - Talent Harder to find

Human Resources for IT - Talent harder to find

A major research firm has just published our forecast for US tech employment and compensation (“2019 US Tech Talent Market Outlook”). It has some foreboding news for CIOs and for tech vendors: Tech talent will be harder to find and more expensive over the next two years.

At the same time they found that  the supply of tech workers has largely kept up with demand. But the current data available for 2018 suggests that wage growth is starting to accelerate. This supports the finding in the latest IT Salary Survey from Janco Associates, Inc.

This acceleration poses a special threat to CIOs, who could find themselves paying premiums for certain tech roles in high demand.

IT Job DescriptionIT Salary SurveyInterview & Hiring Guide 

IT Hiring KitOrder IT Hiring Kit

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- IT Hiring Picks Up - Talent Harder to find

Alaska and DC have the highest unemployement rates

Out of 50 States plus DC Only Two Have High Unemployment Rates

In December 2018 there were 2 regions with an unemployment rate of over 5.5%. That is the same as it was last month. That is one state - Alaska  and the District of Columbia.

States with High Unemployment Rates

Those two regions have been in the economic doldrums for over one year. Historic data does not lie.  Those are both job markets to avoid.

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- Alaska and DC have the highest unemployement rates