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What is the true cost of recovery from a hurricane

Calculating the cost and impact of a business interruption due to a hurricane

Disaster Recovery costCalculating the impact and cost to an enterprise of recovery after a hurricane is difficult at best. Many factors need to be considered:

  1. How will your clients, customers, and users react to the disruption?
  2. Will the disruption have an impact on other activities?
  3. How will the hurricane disruption impact the overall reputation of the enterprise?
  4. During the outage and how much revenue will your company lose?
  5. If the hurricane impacted items that need to be repaired or replaced, will the repair parts, maintenance staff, and replacement equipment be available?
  6. If you activate other services, overtime, or incur other expenses what will the cost of that be?

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- What is the true cost of recovery from a hurricane

Relaunch Disaster Recovery Planning Website

DR/ BC Template Available in Multiple Format

Disaster Recovery Planning TemplateThe DR / BC template is available in MS WORD, PDF, and eReader formats. Each is designed to be customized by the user. The template is just that, something to be followed in accordance with there organizations operational environment. Our reviews of the template all are fours and fives.

It is so good that we offer a full refund with any order if there is anything missing from the template.

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- Relaunch Disaster Recovery Planning Website

Phases of a DR/BC event

DRP BCP Tool Kit

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity phasesDisaster Recovery / Business Continuity are commonly divided into four phases: preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.

Preparedness. During the preparedness phase, disaster relief workers develop and refine emergency response plans. They also conduct training exercises to get ready for a variety of possible scenarios.

Response. When disaster strikes, and in the days and weeks that follow, relief workers coordinate logistics for carrying out response plans. Workers take action to save lives, preserve property, and provide humanitarian care. They evacuate affected areas; set up shelters; restore power and repair other critical infrastructure; and deliver food, medicine, and other supplies.

Recovery. After meeting people’s immediate needs and restoring basic services, disaster relief workers help with economic recovery - including helping people get funding for repairs. Recovery workers help to address housing, health, and social services needs and assist in rebuilding communities. 

Mitigation. To prevent or reduce damage from future disasters, relief workers do a variety of tasks in the affected community. These tasks include assessing possible weaknesses, taking steps to strengthen infrastructure, and educating the public about ways to lessen risks.

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- Phases of a DR/BC event

How does GPDR impact DR and BC planning

DR and BC are impacted by GDPR in several ways

The real impact of is how data is stored and retrieved.  Espically if that data is related to individuals who reside or work in the EU.  The indivudual most responsible for managing this is the Data Protection Officer (DPO). 

The DPO has the responsibility for global and enterprise-wide data protection and compliance; he/she is also responsible for the physical security, protection services and privacy of the corporation and its employees. The DPO works closely with the chief security officer and must have strong working knowledge of information technology and enterprise operations.

Read on...

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- How does GPDR impact DR and BC planning

What is Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

What is Disaster RecoveryDisasters come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not just catastrophic events such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, but also incidents such as cyber-attacks, equipment failures and even terrorism that can be classified as disasters.

Companies and organizations prepare by creating disaster recovery plans that detail actions to take and processes to follow to resume mission-critical functions quickly and without major losses in revenues or business.

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- What is Disaster Recovery