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IT Disaster Recovery Specific Job Descriptions

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Job Description Bundle

In order for a disaster recovery process to work it needs the proper organizational infrastructure, trained staff, and tools necessary to implement it. Because this implementation process requires considerable expertise and experience, organizations must carefully consider the costs of developing their in-house skill sets as well as those of purchasing, implementing, and maintaining their own hardware and software in house. They should then compare this expertise and the hardware and software costs to those they could access by going to a third-party managed recovery provider that specializes in providing IT disaster recovery services.


Job Description Bundles - For those clients who do not want to acquire the entire HandiGuide there is an option to select subsets of our complete offering. These subsets are focused around particular areas of interest and provide you a way to get the benefits of Janco's expertise in a limited and lower cost manner. All of the bundles have been recently been updated. They include:

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Job Description Bundle
  • C-Level IT Job Description Bundle
  • Compliance Management Job Description Bundle
  • eCommerce, Wireless, and Internet Job Description Bundle
  • Enterprise Architecture and IT Executives Job Description Bundle
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Job Description Bundle
  • IT Service Management - SOA Job Description Bundle
  • Metrics, Service Level Agreement & Outsourcing Job Description Bundle
  • Security Management Job Description Bundle
  • Salary Survey Job Description Bundle
  • All IT Job Descriptions in MS Word
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    - IT Disaster Recovery Specific Job Descriptions

    How to Guide for Cloud and Processing and Outsourcing - DR/BC considerations

    Cloud Processing changes the way disaster recovery is planned and executed

    Cloud and Disaster PlanningIn the last several months there have been a rapid adoption of cloud security technologies.  There are many new mandates, shifts in how plan for and execute Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans, and new strategies which leverage cloud storage for more than just backups.

    The How to Guide for Cloud and Processing and Outsourcing covers:

    • Cloud Outsourcing Policy Standard Policy that can be used to determine when outsourcing is an option
    • Cloud Outsourcing Approval Standard Process which can be used in approving an outsourcing agreement
    • Sample Service Level Agreement
    • Service Level Agreement Metrics Definition
    • Outline for Contract Negotiation 
    • Base Case Development Detail
    • Key Job Descriptions
    • BIA Questionnaire
    • ISO 27001 & 27002 Security Process Audit Checklist

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    - How to Guide for Cloud and Processing and Outsourcing - DR/BC considerations

    Human errors account for more business interuptions than you know

    AWS says a typo caused the massive S3 failure

    Human error can cause major business interuptions as Amazon found out. At Amazon Web Services an incorrectly entered input lead to a massive outage that crippled hundreds of popular websites and services. That is what happened when the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) in the provider's Northern Virginia region experienced an 11-hour system failure.

    Other Amazon services in the US-EAST-1 region that rely on S3, like Elastic Block Store, Lambda, and the new instance launch for the Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service offering were all impacted by the outage.

    AWS apologized for the incident in a postmortem. The outage affected the likes of Netflix, Reddit, Adobe, and Imgur. More than half of the top 100 online retail sites experienced slower load times during the outage according to several website monitoring services.

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity
    Common Mistakes

    Disaster Types

    - Human errors account for more business interuptions than you know

    Pandemic get closer

    Pandemic Management with Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans

    According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 40,000 Americans die annually from seasonal flu. And most experts agree that the human race is long overdue for an influenza pandemic far more deadly than the H2N1 pandemic of 2009 - 2010. The threat from Mother Nature goes far beyond the flu.

    Pandemic Reportcard

    More than 400 new U.S. cases of West Nile virus [infection] emerged in the last week in an outbreak that remains the 2nd worst on record but has begun to show signs of slowing. So far this year [2012], 3545 cases have been reported to federal health officials as of 25 September 2012, up from 3142 reported the week before, the CDC said in its weekly update of outbreak data. About 38 per cent of all cases have been reported in Texas. Other states with large numbers of cases include Mississippi, Michigan, South Dakota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and California.

    - Pandemic get closer

    Ransomware threat to DR/BC implementations

    Experts Agree Ransomware is a threat to DR/BC implementations

    DR/BC and Security Manual Template BundleRansomware keeps evolving, and MegaCortex is the latest version keeping IT teams up at night.

    This Adaptive Ransomware Attack (ARA) combines advanced automation with real-time human response: hackers adapt their tools and techniques on the fly to get round your defense

    Security is a critical concern during the recovery process - Disaster Recovery Business Cotinuity and Security Templates

    Both the Security Manual and Disaster Recovery / Business continuity templates have been updated to take into account new International compliance (GDPR) and ransomware compliance requirements.

    Read on DRP BCP Security Bundle Order Bundle Download Sample

    - Ransomware threat to DR/BC implementations