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    What is a CXO

    Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the executive responsible for the overall user experience

    CXO job descriptionCXO role varies, but it fundamentally boil down to one thing: a relentless focus on the customer (or user, in some contexts) experience on all fronts, including digital. (And let’s face it: The customer or user experience is almost if not entirely digital for many businesses today.) The fact that this is increasingly an executive-level post makes sense in terms of the competitive landscape.

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    C-Level Job Description Bundle


    The C-Level job description bundle contains the top eight (8) IT job descriptions. Each is between 5 to 8 pages long and is at the level of detail that KPI performance metrics can be defined and related directly to both employment contracts and compensation/bonus levels.

    • Chief Information Officer(CIO)
    • Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Small Enterprise
    • Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
    • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
    • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
    • Chief Mobility Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
    - What is a CXO

    Managing Risk with cryptocurrency

    Managing Risk with cryptocurrency - Tools for the CIO and IT Managers

    Security threats have shifted in nature, and so have their goals. As cryptocurrency makes monetizing cybercrime easier than ever and as attacks become more sophisticated, one breach can have a devastating impact on the bottom line. Read on to learn about the organizations that are most prepared for cybersecurity.

    Read on Order Security Manual Template Download sample

    - Managing Risk with cryptocurrency

    Improving Office Worker Productivity

    Work Place Productivity Best Practices

    A tidy workplace is a more efficient one. Clutter is a constant distraction and as much as your staff may try to convince you that they “know where everything is”, the reality is often far different.

    Work Place ProductivityGood quality lighting can make a huge difference. People are rarely conscious of slightly poor lighting conditions, however, these can reduce the speed at which they read and communicate.

    Neutral shades for walls can work well but ensure that your workplace is always well decorated and vibrant. Decorating a workplace with art and photographs is a great idea.

    Ensure that you and your staff are all comfortable while working and ensure that they are sitting in an ergonomically correct way.

    If your staff is predominantly using computers in their work a larger monitor makes a real difference. Two monitors are even better still - you can literally do two things at once. It may seem like a huge additional cost but if you can increase productivity by just 10% an additional monitor will soon pay for it.

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    - Improving Office Worker Productivity

    IT Governance key to Productivity

    IT Governance Infrastructure StrategyTools for IT Infrastructure Architecture Key to Creating "World Class" Information Technology Function

    The foundation for a creating a world class IT organization is have the tools available which supported the CIO and IT organization in their roles.  The latest version the IT Governance Infraxtructure is the one must have tool that is the basis for defining how technology is implemented in the core functions of an enterprise.

    Contained in the tool kit are specific infstructure definitions and job descripition for key positions includine: CIO, Chief Digital Officer, CSO, CTO, and Digital Brand Manager.


    Order IT Governance Infrastructure StrategyIT Governance Infrastructure Strategy Download Selected Pages

    - IT Governance key to Productivity

    Balance between Privacy, cybersecurity, and compliance is not there yet

    How many enterprises are compliant with all mandated security and privacy requirements

    Compliance Management may conflict with PrivacyThere is a misconception that privacy and security are in conflict with each other, and that’s not true. Privacy purists often think that cybersecurity tools track a lot of personal data and invade privacy.

    There now is an evolution of the privacy community, driven by significant data breaches. Lots of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has made its way into the Dark Web, thanks to some of the huge data breaches of the past few years, so much so that the price of Social Security numbers has dropped considerably. Unless organizations are required to implement security, the fight to protect privacy won’t be won. That’s been a shift over the last five or so years. When that happens, there will be a much better relationship between the privacy community and the security industry, and this will spill over into rules and regulations.

    Thre should be a set of federal mandates that are designed to level the privacy playing field when it comes to consent but at the same time obligating organizations of all sizes to take privacy seriously.

    GDPR is a good start because it provides a good roadmap on how to think from a privacy point of view.

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    - Balance between Privacy, cybersecurity, and compliance is not there yet