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Privacy Compliance Policy

Privacy Compliance Policy meets new California Privacy and GDPR mandated requirements

Privacy Compliance PolicyRight to privacy has been defined in two major pieces of legislation – one for the EU (GDPR) and the other in the California Privacy act which will take effect in 2020.

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- Privacy Compliance Policy

Social Neworking Policy is missing in many companies

Electronic forms make implementing a Social Networking Policy easier

Social Networking PolicyAs of Januay 2018 Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users, 90% of which are outside of the United States.  The scope of the user base with the large numbers outside of the US create significant exposure to enterprises and companies of all sizes and types.

A social netwoking policy along with rules for how employees an associates of firms interact with the Internet is now a core requirement.

There are several such templates for a Social Networking Policies.  One of the best, as reported by the American Productivity Society is the one published by Janco Associates.

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- Social Neworking Policy is missing in many companies

CIO Management Toolkit released

Top 10 CIO managment concerns are constantly changing

CIO Management ToolkitThe top 10 CIO concerns are:

  1. Security - as more instances of cyber-attacks are identified CIOs are well aware that their jobs are at risk if this occurs under their watch
  2. Staff Retention - During the past few years that has not been an issue but now with an improved IT job market staff will leave.
  3. Social Networks - This is the wave of the future and needs to be managed more effectively.
  4. Cloud Computing - This is the new hidden IT that is driving many new applications and is not under the complete control of the CIO and IT organization.
  5. Infrastructure - No longer are those interacting with the data and systems in a single location utilizing standard hardware and software.  Records management, retention and destruction as well as version control are just a few of the areas that CIOs need to manage and control.
  6. Consolidation - Islands of data and computing continue to exist as new technologies are implemented. Redundancy leads to disparate information and needs to be resolved.
  7. Big Data - As data is consolidated it needs to be analyzed more quickly so that decision making within the enterprise is improved.
  8. Automation - Traditional functions are now being eliminated and automation needs to take placed which will meet the strategic objectives of the enterprise.
  9. Mobile Computing - BYOD and mobile applications are where users are looking for support in order to improve their bottom line results.
  10. Succession Planning - Not only for the CIO role but for all of the other key roles within the IT functions. Job family definition is now a priority.

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- CIO Management Toolkit released

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has an expanding role

CDO Job DescriptionChief Digital Officer (CDO) has an expanding role

Chief Digital Officer CDO's has responsibilities over governance, data risk and compliance that overlap with the duties of the Chief Security Officer (CSO). A new chief in the C-suite often triggers confusion, uncertainty, resistance and even conflict, says the CEO of Janco Assoiates, a technology and  infrastructure management consulting organication, which helps guide executive management meet these challenges.

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- Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has an expanding role

Cost of Cloud Outage

Cost of Cloud Outage

Cost of Cloud OutageCost of outage is very expensive.  If a business has 50,000 customers and just 10% reach out to complain, that’s 5,000 complaints to address. That is a significant loss time and energy that could have been spent acquiring new customers and growing the business.

Those unhappy customers are also likely to share their less-than-positive experiences with friends and family, in person or through social media, and might move on to do business with competitors.

Experts estimate that the cost of losing critical applications is more than $5,000 per minute. Nearly 20% of the surveyed companies indicated losses of between $50,000 to over $5,000,000 after losing critical applications and/or data.

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- Cost of Cloud Outage