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Pandemic Checklist

CIO and IT Manager news articles

Pandemic checklist available for immediate download

Pandemic Planning ChecklistJanco has developed a pandemic planning checklist that comes as an electronic document which can be used right out of the box to highlight areas which need to be addressed.

The areas of focus for the form are:

  • Impact of a pandemic on the enterprise
  • Impact of a pandemic on employees and customers
  • Definition of specific pandemic procedures that are required to address it
  • Definition of resource allocations need to protect both employees and customers
  • Identification of communication and education required for management and employees
  • Identification of what coordination with external entities and how to help the local community.

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- Pandemic Checklist

Chief Data Officer (CDO) Job Description

The Chief Data Officer job description has just been updated.

Chief Data Officer Job DescriptionChief Data Officer (CDO), a newly created postion, is responsible for developing and overseeing data strategy and governance for the enterprise.

The CDO is not only a data expert but also a seasoned operational manager. As the role is transformational, the CDO is responsible for the adoption of data technologies across the entire business. As with most senior executive titles, the responsibilities are set by the organization's board of directors or other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure.

Growth in the number of CDO's has been dynamic. There now are over 4,500 individuals filling that role today.

Growth in the number of CDO's

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- Chief Data Officer (CDO) Job Description

IT Salaries Skyrocket

IT Salaries Skyrocket - Mean Compensation for all IT Pros is up 4.9%

IT Salaries Skyrocket - 2020 IT Salary Survey by company size and metro area. Janco and has conducted salary surveys of the IT Job market over 30 years. The data from this survey has been published in the Computer Industry Almanac, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, eWeek, and many other business and industry publications.

2020 IT Salary Survey

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- IT Salaries Skyrocket

Security threat warning to HP laptop users

Security threats addressedSecurity Policies - Procedures - Audit Tools

Several Hewlett-Packard (HP) laptops have been shipped with a keylogger in an audio driver package, creating a major security risk. A keylogger - surveillance software that has the ability to record every keystroke you make to a log file - can record if a password is entered, even if that password is not displayed on the screen.

Security and compliance are key to maintaining control of sensitive and confidential information. All of the product offerings of Janco are geared toward proving tools to help C-Level executives and top IT professionals maintain the privacy of its users and enterprise data.

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- Security threat warning to HP laptop users

Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices

  1. Security ManualUnderstand who is accessing data via frequent auditing and real-time monitoring of data access.
  2. Keep current records on data access permissions .
  3. Classify data by sensitivity.
  4. Minimize and remove global access rights.
  5. Identify data owners and users.
  6. Include data access reviews when individuals are transferred, promoted, or terminated .
  7. Align groups to data ownership and management.
  8. Audit permissions and group changes.
  9. Lock down, delete or archive stale, unused data.
  10. Clean up security groupings.

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- Security Best Practices

Disaster Recovery Planning & Business Continuity Planning Quick Action Steps Defined

Disaster Planning Template

The must do things that your company must do to make sure the disaster recovery and business continuity plan will work when they are need are:


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  • Distribute the disaster recovery and business continuity plan or a HandiGuide® to all decision makers and key operating employees who will need access to it when the event occurs.

  • Define the chain of command with single leader but do not limit the people who would have to implement the disaster recovery business continuity plan when the event occurs if that leader is unavailable.
  • Conduct frequent tests and address all areas where shortcomings are found.
  • Conduct the tests in an unannounced mode
  • Validated that mission critical data is at sites other than the primary data center
  • Establish a communication plan that can be implemented after the disaster.

Disaster Planning Security Template

HandiGuide is a Janco Associates registered trademark 

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- Disaster Recovery Planning & Business Continuity Planning Quick Action Steps Defined

Compliance is driven from the top down

Compliance is driven from the top down.  Executive Management is the prime mover.

The tone at the top is vital with communication from top management into the middle management team. Some best practices that can periodically reinforce compliance of various policies include middle management facilitating a short time of staff meeting to discuss a specific policy relative to actual business behavior. Training is great yet people need to know what compliant behavior looks to their daily work.

Compliance Process
- Compliance is driven from the top down

Blockcahain Job Descriptions

Blockchain Job DescriptionAvailable for Immediate Download - Blockchain Job Descriptions

The major part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs market remains to be focused on developers, and this continues to be the area of most demand. The “U.S Emerging Jobs Report” published by Linkedin back in 2018 shows that demand for blockchain developers has grown 33 times over the previous year.

As of Oct. 23, 2018, the average salary for a blockchain developer was reported to be $127,000, according to Janco Associates, a consulting firm that conducts salary surveys.

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- Blockcahain Job Descriptions

Free hacker tools make it easy to compromise weak passwords

Security Manual defines compliant password rules

Janco finds that over 30% of all users use the same passwords for multiple sites.  With that knowledge in hand hackers can target individual users to find their favorite passwords and use that information to more easily compromise secure business and personal data. 

Security Policies Procedures

Some of the tools they have available are:

  • Custom Word List Generator - Spiders a site or users social network postings to  determine unique words in site or in an individual's profile.
  • RSMangle - Takes a word list and generates mangled combinations and manipulations of those words.
  • Assocaited Word List Generator - Generates word lists based on search terms for a particular site or user profile.
  • Common User Password Profiler - A word list generator based on answers to questions that users submit to various web sites.
  • - A script that generates customized word list for a specific target so that a search is launched to find users in a company and then search profiles in social networks to generate a common word list.

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- Free hacker tools make it easy to compromise weak passwords

Privacy is lost to those who want a visa to visit the US

Privacy Compliance Policy Roadmap

Privacy Compliance PolicyUnder new rules the US State Department now requires new visitors to the United States to hand over their social media account names as well as email addresses and phone numbers used over the past five years.

All fo the revised application forms for those seeking potential residency, education, work, or a tourist visa will have to supply the data. Roughly 15 million visa applicants who visit the country each year will be required to do this.

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- Privacy is lost to those who want a visa to visit the US