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FCC fines ISP $750,000

FCC fines ISP $750,000

he FCC's Enforcement Division found that at five conventions across the U.S., the Smart City network sent coded messages called de-authentication frames to devices connected to personal hotspots, such as those created by smartphones.

These messages were sent to Wi-Fi base stations to terminate connections. The FCC said that Smart City was trying to force users to pay its $80 daily fee for Internet connectivity.

"It is unacceptable for any company to charge consumers exorbitant fees to access the Internet while at the same time blocking them from using their own personal Wi-Fi hotspots to access the Internet," said the chief of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.

  • Mobility Policy Bundle (more info...) All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic forms are all individual documents that are easily modifiable
    • BYOD Policy Template (more info...) Includes electronic BYOD Access and Use Agreement Form
    • Mobile Device Access and Use Policy (more info...)
    • Record Management, Retention, and Destruction Policy (more info...)
    • Social Networking Policy (more info...) Includes electronic form
    • Telecommuting Policy (more info...) Includes 3 electronic forms to help to effectively manage work at home staff
    • Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy (more info...)
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Protecting against cybercrime CIO concern

Security Policies - Procedures - Audit Tools

Building a cyber-security plan to protect against the latest threats and position defenses for new attacks is critical. An essential resource for cyber-security teams to build effective defenses is accurate data on the threat landscape.

Security and compliance are key to maintaining control of sensitive and confidential information. All of the product offerings of Janco are geared towards proving tools to help C-Level executives and top IT professionals maintain the privacy of its users and enterprise data. Each of these offerings are current and are updated at least one every three or four months. To support that Janco offers update services for of its security and compliance products.

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How to Manage Millenials

Tools for the CIO and IT Managers on how to manage millenials for success

Hardworking, passionate, and tech-literate - by 2020, more than half of your employees will be from the often-misunderstood "Millennial" generation. However, many millennials hold a different benchmark of expectations from their place of work than previous generations. Discover how you can empower millennials while embracing  a better way to work

  • Focus on employee satisfaction
  • Understand work vs life balance
  • Have and implement a professional development plan for each employee
  • Utilize the latest technology
  • Provide vehicles for digital collaboration
  • Listen to suggestions from millennials
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CIOs expanding role

CIOs expanding role with over 540 Objective Metrics Defined - 83 Graphical Metric Reports show over 240 metrics

CIOs expanding roleAs the role of modern CIOs expands, IT professionals are tasked with monitoring the performance of all aspects of the business, including KPI, sales, HR, marketing, and the supply chain. To make informed decisions about how to run and grow the company, data needs to be consolidated in a single repository shared by the entire organization.

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets

The quality of IT systems and applications is driven by what is measured, the quality control, including version control, that is utilized as the standards of the enterprise.  With that Janco with its clients has created infrastructure tools, which when implemented, assist CIOs and IT organizations to become world class providers of services to their enterprises and customers.

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Why move to the Cloud and Outsource

How to Guide for Cloud Processing and Outsourcing provides EVERYTHING that is needed to select a vendor, enter into an agreement, and manage the relationship

Move to Cloud and OutsourcingThe journey to the cloud for many organizations begins with a mandate to get out of the data center business. Focusing on the growth of the business and aiming to shed increasing infrastructure costs, the CIOs make the strategic decision to migrate to the cloud.

An aggressive timeline typcally are set to migrate systems to the cloud and shut down related servers and storage in the data center. There are many pitfalls and successes in this journey.  They can result in significant advantages to the organization with this move.

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