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  • Cost of Business Interruption

    Calculating the cost and impact of a potential business interruption

    This is a process that an enerprise must go thru on an annual basis. Factors to consider include:Cost of business interuption

    • How will your clients, customers, and users react a disruption?
    • Will they react in a way that will be more or less disruptive to the business and its operation?
    • Will the disruption have an impact on other activities? For example your sales force may still be able to make sales call but the distribution arm of the company may be at a standstill.
    • How will the event impact the overall reputation of the enterprise?
    • Will there be an adverse media or social networking publicity?
    • and many more

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    - Cost of Business Interruption

    Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

    How to do Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

    Disaster REcovery with the CloudWith the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud servers, you need a strategic and proactive approach to address the complexity, scale, and dynamic nature of modern hybrid environments.

    When disaster strikes, some CIO and IT Departments find their disaster recovery techniques and hardware configuration have not kept pace with a changed production environment.,They falsely believe the improved day-to-day resilience of their cloud environment lessens their need for disaster recovery (DR) planning. In fact, the opposite is true: Catastrophic hardware failures in the cloud environments bring down many more applications than in non-virtualized environments, making DR planning and implementation more critical, not less.

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    - Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

    Privay at Facebook

    Privacy at Facebook not under user control

    Privacy Compliance PolicyPrivay at Facebook is a dream according to recent events. It's been a rough week or two for the Facebook. On March 20, Facebook announced that it had settled a lawsuit brought by several civil rights organizations about its advertising practices. The next day, the company was forced to admit that 600 million usernames were available in the clear on internal systems. On March 27, the company said it would ban hate speech and posts about white supremacy. On March 28, HUD filed a lawsuit against the company for contributing to discriminatory housing practices. On March 30, Zuckerberg penned an op-ed in the Washington Post, calling for greater government regulation, frustration clear in his words.

    At the heart of these controversies is privacy. Billions of users, have handed over personal information to this company. Facebook has sought to learn even more about them and even the people who have opted to not create an account. With all that information, Facebook has a powerful ad-selling, data-sucking empire that can accurately target or exclude individuals.

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    - Privay at Facebook

    IT Governance Drives IT Salaries Higher

    IT Governance drives IT Salaries Higher According to Survey

    Data protection, privacy and information security have become a top priority for all organisations.

    Organisations are taking stronger measures to protect the information they process, which has increased demand for cyber security professionals. And with an average salary of $93,077 USD, it’s an industry that’s well worth starting a career in.

    IT Median Salaries 2018 vs. 2019

    Mean IT salaries

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    - IT Governance Drives IT Salaries Higher

    Government Auditor finds Disaster Recovery Plans fall short

    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Audit Recommendations

    Goverment Auditior finds Disaster Recovery Plans fall shorA government auditor has provided recommendations to government agencies after concluding that their disaster recovery processes are not sufficient to recover and restore critical IT systems following disruptions.

    The top five recommendations were:

    1. Create a "collaborative disaster recovery working group" to provide advice and technical support; share learnings from the disaster recovery tests and exercises undertaken; coordinate disaster recovery requirements for resources shared between agencies; identify, develop, implement, and manage initiatives impacting multiple agencies; and coordinate funding requests to ensure certain investments and requirements are prioritised.
    2. Perform a gap analysis on their disaster recovery requirements and resource capabilities in order to determine the amount of investment that will be required
    3. Develop and test disaster recovery plans for the IT systems that support critical business functions.
    4. Provide advice and training to staff on specific disaster recovery systems, as well as newly developed frameworks, policies, standards, and procedures to increase awareness and adoption of those systems.
    5. Establish "system obsolescence management processes" in order to identify and manage systems at risk of becoming obsolete; enable strategic planning, lifecycle optimisation, and the development of long-term business cases for system lifecycle support; and provide agency executives with information that will allow them to make risk-based investment decisions.

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    - Government Auditor finds Disaster Recovery Plans fall short