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  • Amazon crashes -- too man transactions

    DRP BCP Tool Kit

    Business ContinuityThe e-commerce giant didn't have enough servers to handle all the traffic on its site during one of its biggest sales days of the year, according to internal documents. That led the company to launch a simpler backup front page and temporarily block international traffic.

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    - Amazon crashes -- too man transactions

    Top 10 Backup Best Practices

    Backup  Best Practices core of DR and BC Planning

    Available in MS Word, PDF and eReader formats

    10 Backup Best Practices - Rules of the Road for CIOs and DR/BC Managers Top 10 Backup Best Practices - Many CIOs want to improve their ability to recover from system failures and data loss, especially to protect themselves from -… Continue reading

    Question that need to be answered are:

    • Is our data safe in transit and at rest?
    • What prevents hackers from gaining access to our data?
    • Is our data properly handled, stored, and deleted?
    • Who can access our data?
    • What are the benchmark measurements?
    • Is our data backup strategy compliant?
    • Will our recovery be successful?
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    Managing backup and recovery in today's environment is a multi-dimensional challenge with both near and long term business requirements. Recent technological developments in disk backup have had a positive impact on short term data retention requirements (see also BYOD policy).

    Disaster Recovery Security Cloud DRP Security Incident Communication Policy Security Audit Program
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    - Top 10 Backup Best Practices

    Distaster Recovery and Security current articles

    Distaster Recovery and Security current articles

     Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Security articles of interest:

    1. 10 step security implementation 10 step security implementation 10 step security implementation process: Make security an executive directive - The driver for security needs to be at the CEO and...
    2. Top 10 Reasons Compliance of Business Continuity Fails Testing is key to business continuity compliance with ISO 22301 Compliance and business continuity management are closely inter-related - ISO 22301 is just one of...
    3. 10 best practices for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 10 best practices for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Most CIOs and management executives all say they have disaster recovery and business continuity under control...
    4. Security Manual Addresses PCI Compliance IssuesPCI Compliance Security Issues What's needed for PCI compliance is a comprehensive, high-quality security policy. To that end Janco has a security policy template available for...
    5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Template Update Released Janco released Version 8 of its Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template. It now includes 17 electronic forms and a new Business Impact Analysis tool Janco...
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    - Distaster Recovery and Security current articles

    Reasons why an Incident Communication Plan is required

    Reasons why an Incident Communication Plan is required

    Incident Communication PlanThe reason to have an Incident Communication is so that there are well-defined roles and responsibilities that enhance collaboration across the various levels of your crisis management team. It also ensures that no information is miscommunicated or lost during the heat of the crisis. It can remove the risk of failing to communicate effectively when you are being pulled in multiple different directions.

    The specific objective of this incident communication plan is to define who will provide key communications during a crisis including content, recipients, schedule, method of delivery, frequency, and priority of the communication. By outlining a communication plan in advance, the business is better able to

    • Communicate the effects and status of a crisis for employees, associates, suppliers and customers,
    • Reduce the impact of bad publicity, maintain customer service, bolster relations with vendors and
    • Address the concerns of other key stakeholders

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    - Reasons why an Incident Communication Plan is required

    Cell survice survived Hurricane Havey

    Cell service remained up for 96% of the towers impacted by Hurricane Harvey

    Cell service critical for DR recovery efforts

    Hurricane Katrina knocked out more than 1,000 cellular sites when it hit New Orleans in 2005, according to the FCC. When Superstorm Sandy hit the eastern US in 2012, roughly a quarter of the wireless networks in the affected area were down.

    By contrast, just 4 percent of the 7,804 cell sites in Harvey's path experienced outages during the storm, according to the FCC. That's less than 400 cell towers.

    While the four counties where Harvey made landfall took the brunt of the devastation from a cellular coverage perspective, wireless carriers have worked quickly to restore service. By Wednesday, carriers had cut the number of downed cell towers by half.

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    - Cell survice survived Hurricane Havey