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Password Managers provide false sense of security

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Most password managers are insecure eventhough they are comprehensive, detailed, and customizable

Password ManagerThe most popular password managers for Windows 10 can actually leak your login credentials to the PC's memory. A hacker could potentially snatch up the sensitive data when the password manager turns on.

The research examined the security of four products including 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass, and LastPassFree at LastPass. The company was surprised to find that the products didn't always encrypt and then delete password data in the PC's background processes. Even the master password, which can be used to unlock all your stored passwords, can be exposed.

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- Password Managers provide false sense of security

CIO Job Description has just been updated

Chief Information Officer - Available for Immediate Download

CIO Job DescriptionThe Chief Information Officer (CIO) is accountable for directing the information and data integrity of the enterprise and its groups and for all Information Technology functions of the enterprise.  This includes all data centers, technical service centers, production scheduling functions, help desks, communication networks (voice and data), computer program development, mobile device interactions, and computer systems operations.  He or she is responsible for maintaining the integrity of all electronic and optical books and records of the enterprise. 

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- CIO Job Description has just been updated

Dismal Employment Numbers

Dismal Employment Number

According to Janco Associates, a management consulting firm, COVID-19 cost 102,300 IT pros their jobs in April alone.

IT Salary Survey"IT pros who do not have a job are finding it difficult to even find contract work," said the CEO of Janco.

"Many companies are directing IT functions to facilitate the support of non-IT professionals with new and enhanced internet driven applications for telecommuters" the CEO added. "The demand for contractor help in this effort was high initially, but now is nonexistent. All of this has put IT professionals the same state as the rest of the labor market."

Companies can look to that pool of workers to develop more security talent, as IT professionals have experience in both technical and security work.

But this available talent pool will shrink some too. Janco predicts IT hiring will resume by the end of the year, but has cut its forecast for overall IT job market growth to just over 40,000 for 2020.

Regardless of how you choose to staff teams, it is important to identify employees with institutional knowledge, communication skills and some ambition for career growth who can become security leaders with the right training and mentorship.

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- Dismal Employment Numbers

Windows 10 Bug impacts Mobile Users

Covid-19 and Windows bug impact mobile users

Mobility Polcy BundleIn response to Covid-19 many companies have employees work from home.  Most of these workers are running on Windows 10 based PCs.  They are accessing company resources remotely via a virtual private network (VPN) connection. In addition these workers are relying on Microsoft's productivity applications, such as Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Internet Explorer, and Outlook to get work done.  

However with a recent Microsoft OS update, a bug appeared that is preventing these core productivity apps from connecting to the internet.  

Microsoft says Windows 10 users "might be able to mitigate the issue by restarting your device", but that's still going to be a drain on productivity and a source of frustration.

Microsoft considers the bug a severe issue, the company is planning to release an out-of-band fix in "early April". The update will only be made available on the Microsoft Update Catalog. 

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- Windows 10 Bug impacts Mobile Users

10 Backup Best Practices supplementing a disaster recovery and business continuity solution with the cloud

10 Backup Best Practices supplementing a disaster recovery and business continuity solution with the cloud

10 Backup best practices -  supplementing a disaster recovery and business continuity back-up solution with the cloud Backup best practices are used by many CIOs who want to improve their ability to recover from system failures and data loss.

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- 10 Backup Best Practices supplementing a disaster recovery and business continuity solution with the cloud

2020 IT Salary Survey Shows Salaries up by 4.9% for IT Pros

Approximately 100,000 new IT jobs were created in 2019 – another record year

IT Salaries are on the rise. As the general economy improves more companies are investing in information technology. The emphasis over the past several years is in both e-commerce and mobile computing. At the same time with the ever-increasing cyber attacks and data breaches, CIO are looking to harden their sites and lock down data access so that they can protect all of their electronic assets.

Median IT Salaries

Added to that in an ever-increasing array of mandated requirements from the EU with GPDR and US federal and state requirements to protect individual users' privacy. All of these factors increase demand for experienced IT Pros and salaries they are paid.

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- 2020 IT Salary Survey Shows Salaries up by 4.9% for IT Pros

China to no longer alow US hardware or softwate

China to lock US companies out of its technology markets

China infrastructureThe China goverments has ordered all government offices and public institutions to replace foreign hardware and software with Chinese alternatives within the next three years. The targets are for 30% in 2020, in 2021 it is 50%, and then 20% in 2022.

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- China to no longer alow US hardware or softwate

Top 10 Social Network Security Tips

Top 10 Social Networking Tips

Top 10 Social Networking TipsTop 10 tips to improve social networking securitySocial Networking Policy

  1. Educate employees
  2. Have employees use different passwords for different system
  3. Mandate strong passwords
  4. Have employees change passwords regularly
  5. Do not share accounts
  6. Implement two factor authentication
  7. Educate employees to NOT open email attachments or go to links where the originator is not known 
  8. Utilize antivirus and security software
  9. Don't friend people you do not know
  10. Validate and verify

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- Top 10 Social Network Security Tips