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Company Fined $16M for data breach

$16M fine mandates Security Policies and Procedures - First Step in Data Breach Protection

Data Breach Results in $16M fineThe data breach that occured was a result of a cyber attack that enabled hackers to access the electronic protected health information of nearly 79 million individuals. A major HIPPA violation, The company, Anthem reported that the attackers gained access to data that included patient names, Social Security numbers, member identification numbers, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses and employment information.

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- Company Fined $16M for data breach

CIO Job Description has just been updated

Chief Information Officer - Available for Immediate Download

CIO Job DescriptionThe Chief Information Officer (CIO) is accountable for directing the information and data integrity of the enterprise and its groups and for all Information Technology functions of the enterprise.  This includes all data centers, technical service centers, production scheduling functions, help desks, communication networks (voice and data), computer program development, mobile device interactions, and computer systems operations.  He or she is responsible for maintaining the integrity of all electronic and optical books and records of the enterprise. 

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- CIO Job Description has just been updated

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to ask

The Standard for Disaster Planning and Continuity Planning

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to askDisaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to ask:

  • What kinds of threats do we face? Terrorism? Hurricanes? Ransomware?
  • How likely are they to strike our organization, and where?
  • How secure are our facilities?
  • How redundant is our connectivity and power?
  • What kind of impact would any resulting disruption have on our business?
  • Which systems and apps are most critical to our business?
  • Are systems and apps on premises or elsewhere?
  • How are they architected (distributed, centralized, cloud, hybrid, Windows, Linux, etc.)?
  • How much would downtime cost us? Per minute, hour, day, week?

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- Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to ask

iPhone X defects

iPhone X at $1,000 plus has major defects

iPhone DefectsiPhone X cost  over $1,000 has defects.  Many users report incoming call delayed and accept and decline does not work. Delays of up to 10 seconds reported - enough time for caller to abandon call. This makes the offering not as good as it could be as a mobility asset

Many users are not happy as this problem has been around since November of last year.

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- iPhone X defects

The new age market place will be driven by rapid deployment

Business to Business systems are now moving towards the new e-commerce paradigm  - an ERP that covers both internal and external  applications

How to implement omni Commerce - Wave of the FutureWeb-inspired consumer values are penetrating every corner of the commericial maketplace, and compamies who fail to meet these new customer expectations are putting their businesses at risk.

Companies need to digitize and simplify their application processes to reduce end-to-end turnaround time from weeks to minutes. Companies that do that will increase customer satisfaction and successfully transition to the new age.

- The new age market place will be driven by rapid deployment

Blockchain Developer is the hot new job

Blockchain Developer Job Description Released

Blockchain developer is an in high demand job.  Individuals who have the skills command high starting salaries.  The base for that postion in most markets is now $125K and in some markets go as high as $150K. 

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One of the major challenges of blockchain is the existing legacy infrastructure of each of the enterprises engaged in this development and implementation process. Increasingly, it appears for financial services blockchain applications, such as cross-border lending and settlement records, where blockchain's core strengths - rapid record verification and an ability to do deals with untrusted parties - outweigh the complexity of deploying it. But for other cases, especially those involving internal records, banks and other institutions will likely stick with existing software solutions.

- Blockchain Developer is the hot new job

iOS 11 adds password manager

A safe and secure password may not be in the cards for iOS

Password managerApple's iOS 11 comes with a new feature could make passwords less annoying and perhaps less secure.

Whenever a login box appears -- including in apps -- a small key-prompt appears, allowing the user to open their bank of passwords. The password manager is protected by the user's device passcode, or Touch ID if it's enabled, to prevent others from snooping.

Many users new to iOS 11 will find that their password manager already be populated with login information. That's because passwords that were saved in Safari -- either on older versions of iOS or their Macs -- are now stored in the iOS 11's password manager. The key difference is that the saved passwords now work within apps, too.

Password managers are ever increasing in popularity because they take the effort out of remembering your entire set of account passwords across various apps, websites, and services. In most cases, password managers encourage users to use strong, unique passwords, which prevent hackers from reusing stolen credentials from one service to attack a user on another site.

Although the feature is a boon for personal user security, it won't be a death knell to other password managers -- many of which have far more security and privacy-focused features packed in than Apple's relatively barebones version. At the time of writing, for example, the password manager feature doesn't allow users to generate passwords, a feature of most other password managers.

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- iOS 11 adds password manager

Challenges that CIOs and C-Level executives face

The right tools to build an IT Infrastructure Architecture for CIOs who want to create a world class enterprise

CIO ChallengesTechnology has changed the way enterprises can and do enter markets. Today there is broader access to resources and deeper institutional knowledge that can be leveraged. Large enterprise-level organizations have long held a distinct competitive advantage over smaller, would-be competitors. But increasingly, technology and wide scale digital access have leveled the playing field for nimble upstarts seeking to disrupt and dislodge. Keeping pace in this digital landscape requires more than the band-aid of a new app or tool; IT leaders have to go deeper, fundamentally rethinking everything from products and processes to employee and customer experience.

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- Challenges that CIOs and C-Level executives face