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Disaster and business continuity spending will be lower in 2020

Business continuity spending in 2020

Disaster and business continuity planningMost organizations are maintaining disaster recovery and business continuity spending levels. Janco reports that in 8%  of organizations business continuity spending will be "much higher" in 2020 compared to 2019 and will be "higher" in 26%. Half of all organizations will maintain business continuity spending at the same level in 2020 as it was in 2019.

Only in 11% percent of respondents will organizational business continuity spending would be lower in 2020 than in 2019.

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- Disaster and business continuity spending will be lower in 2020

Digital information and ecommerce are CEOs top priority

IT Infrastructure to support digital information and ecommerce are the focus of many CIOs

Digital information and ecommerce are a priorityCIOs and Companies are placing digital information and ecommerace as a top agenda item.  CEOs are expecting CIOs and their IT Leaders' help in navigating the organization through the complex digital journey. 

The opportunity for the IT team is "now" because we are uniquely positioned to help our companies. This new and rapidly changing world poses a talent and leadership challenge.   Janco has already started designing career paths for driving talent change and building required leadership skills within the enterprise. 

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IT Job FamiliesBoth in an individual's personal career planning and an enterprise's staffing, promotion and compensation it is important to have benchmarks on the levels that individuals are at. To that end, one of the best objective ways to meet this goal is to have formal job descriptions and clear paths for promotion and compensation.

Over the past three decades Janco Associates and its principles have created a set of over 300 IT Job descriptions  that are viewed by many as the industry standard. As a natural extension of that offering Janco has documented its IT job classification system.

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- Digital information and ecommerce are CEOs top priority

Communication Key to World Class IT Function

Communication via Social Networking as a Media Outlet

Communication managementCIOs need to manage accountability in communication for the IT function. Creating a culture of accountability is everyone’s responsibility. IT Pros are more creative, more responsive to challenges, and more capable of serving the needs of the IT function when they are held accountable. When managers haven’t mastered this fundamental leadership skill, the consequences can be catastrophic. Projects stall, communication breaks down, people point fingers, morale tanks. And when star IT Pros realize they don’t work on a high-performing team, they head for the door.

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- Communication Key to World Class IT Function

Information Technology Governance model defined

Implement Proven IT Governance Model for Success

It Governance ModelAn IT Governance model is the basis for instituting and sustaining information security governance.  The process requires comprehensive planning and organizing; robust acquisitions and implementations; effective delivery and support.  In addition the as well as continuous monitoring and evaluation to address the myriad of managerial, operational, and technical issues that can thwart satisfying an enterprise's declared mission. Consequently, information security governance requires an adaptive balance between management and applied technology. Management enables assuring adequate asset safeguarding while applied technology can introduce efficiencies for addressing potential external or internal threats. The IT Governance model defines key areas including, responsibilities, data protection management, alternative governance frameworks, organizational structure considerations, governance effectiveness measurement, and much more.

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- Information Technology Governance model defined

IT Job Families Define Structure of IT Teams

Job Classification system is a basis for creating IT Team Structure

A modern IT structure includes team members who are representative of customers or the people engaging customers. For example, a consumer banking IT team should include a teller or bank manager, she contends, and a retail enterprise should enlist a store manager as part of an IT delivery team. Being a business leader means understanding the customer, and you can’t do that if all you’re doing is wearing an IT hat. You have to create a team that includes some unconventional players.

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- IT Job Families Define Structure of IT Teams

Password Managers provide false sense of security

Most password managers are insecure eventhough they are comprehensive, detailed, and customizable

Password ManagerThe most popular password managers for Windows 10 can actually leak your login credentials to the PC's memory. A hacker could potentially snatch up the sensitive data when the password manager turns on.

The research examined the security of four products including 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass, and LastPassFree at LastPass. The company was surprised to find that the products didn't always encrypt and then delete password data in the PC's background processes. Even the master password, which can be used to unlock all your stored passwords, can be exposed.

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- Password Managers provide false sense of security

Best Practices for Recruitng IT Pros

Best Practices for Recruiting IT Pros defined in the 2019 Release of the IT Hiring Toolkit 

The IT Hiring Tool kit has just been released with 300 full reviewed and compliant job descriptions, the 2019 IT Salary survey, and the Interview and hiring guide with best practices for the initial candidate selection process, the interview and job offer process, and processes associated with employee orientation thru employee termination.

IT Job DescriptionIT Salary SurveyInterview & Hiring Guide

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- Best Practices for Recruitng IT Pros

Company Fined $16M for data breach

$16M fine mandates Security Policies and Procedures - First Step in Data Breach Protection

Data Breach Results in $16M fineThe data breach that occured was a result of a cyber attack that enabled hackers to access the electronic protected health information of nearly 79 million individuals. A major HIPPA violation, The company, Anthem reported that the attackers gained access to data that included patient names, Social Security numbers, member identification numbers, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses and employment information.

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- Company Fined $16M for data breach