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It is essential to have a proper backup strategy in place in case something goes wrong. Below are articles and links to tools that can help you in the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and execution process. This knowledge base has been developed by Janco Associate, Inc.

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  • Password Managers provide false sense of security

    Most password managers are insecure eventhough they are comprehensive, detailed, and customizable

    Password ManagerThe most popular password managers for Windows 10 can actually leak your login credentials to the PC's memory. A hacker could potentially snatch up the sensitive data when the password manager turns on.

    The research examined the security of four products including 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass, and LastPassFree at LastPass. The company was surprised to find that the products didn't always encrypt and then delete password data in the PC's background processes. Even the master password, which can be used to unlock all your stored passwords, can be exposed.

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    - Password Managers provide false sense of security

    Best Practices for Recruitng IT Pros

    Best Practices for Recruiting IT Pros defined in the 2019 Release of the IT Hiring Toolkit 

    The IT Hiring Tool kit has just been released with 300 full reviewed and compliant job descriptions, the 2019 IT Salary survey, and the Interview and hiring guide with best practices for the initial candidate selection process, the interview and job offer process, and processes associated with employee orientation thru employee termination.

    IT Job DescriptionIT Salary SurveyInterview & Hiring Guide

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    - Best Practices for Recruitng IT Pros

    Company Fined $16M for data breach

    $16M fine mandates Security Policies and Procedures - First Step in Data Breach Protection

    Data Breach Results in $16M fineThe data breach that occured was a result of a cyber attack that enabled hackers to access the electronic protected health information of nearly 79 million individuals. A major HIPPA violation, The company, Anthem reported that the attackers gained access to data that included patient names, Social Security numbers, member identification numbers, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses and employment information.

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    - Company Fined $16M for data breach

    CIO Job Description has just been updated

    Chief Information Officer - Available for Immediate Download

    CIO Job DescriptionThe Chief Information Officer (CIO) is accountable for directing the information and data integrity of the enterprise and its groups and for all Information Technology functions of the enterprise.  This includes all data centers, technical service centers, production scheduling functions, help desks, communication networks (voice and data), computer program development, mobile device interactions, and computer systems operations.  He or she is responsible for maintaining the integrity of all electronic and optical books and records of the enterprise. 

    Read on CIO Job Description...

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    - CIO Job Description has just been updated

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to ask

    The Standard for Disaster Planning and Continuity Planning

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to askDisaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to ask:

    • What kinds of threats do we face? Terrorism? Hurricanes? Ransomware?
    • How likely are they to strike our organization, and where?
    • How secure are our facilities?
    • How redundant is our connectivity and power?
    • What kind of impact would any resulting disruption have on our business?
    • Which systems and apps are most critical to our business?
    • Are systems and apps on premises or elsewhere?
    • How are they architected (distributed, centralized, cloud, hybrid, Windows, Linux, etc.)?
    • How much would downtime cost us? Per minute, hour, day, week?

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    - Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Questions to ask