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R-00119-a / Sensitive Information Policy$199.00
Sensitive Information Policy comes in MS Word, PDF, and ePub (eReader) formats and complies with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 for security of data, systems and reports.

This policy applies to the entire enterprise, its vendors, its suppliers (including outsourcers) and co-location providers and facilities regardless of the methods used to store and retrieve sensitive information (e.g. online processing, outsourced to a third party, Internet, Intranet or swipe terminals).
R-00119-a-12 / Sensitive Information Policy - with 12 months update service$259.00
R-00119-a-24 / Sensitive Information Policy - with 24 months update service$299.00

R-00196 / CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle$999.00
The CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle is provided in MS WORD, PDF and eBook (.ePub) formats. The PDF document is over 400 pages long and contains all of the policies listed below. The MS-Word files are each individual files (1 per policy). The policies included are: Backup and Backup Retention Policy; Blog and Personal Web Site Policy; BYOD Access and Use Policy; Google Glass Policy; Incident Communication Plan Policy ; Internet, Email, Social Networking, Mobile Device, and Electronic Communication Policy; Mobile Device Access and Use Policy; Outsourcing Policy; Patch Management Policy; Physical and Virtual Server Security Policy; Privacy Compliance Policy; Record Classification, Management, Retention, and Disposition Policy; Sensitive Information Policy; Service Level Agreement Policy; Social Networking Policy; Technology Acquisition Policy; WFH and Telecommuting Policy; Text Messaging Sensitive and Confidential Policy; Travel, Laptop, PDA and Off-Site Meeting Policy: and Wearable Device Policy.
R-00196-24 / CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle with 24 months update service$1,599.00

R-00206 / CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle plus Electronic Forms - Premium Bundle$1,249.00
The CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle is provided in MS WORD, PDF, ePub formats. In addition to all of the policies included with this offering are over 60 ELECTRONIC forms.
R-00206-24 / CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle plus Electronic Forms - Premium Bundle with 24 months of updates$1,999.00

P-SP110 / Security Manual Template - ISO Compliant$529.00
The Security Manual Template - ISO Compliant is provided in Word. In addition you receive a Business Impact questionnaire (Word) and a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Form (PDF and Excel). It is a complete Security Manual and can be used in whole or in part to comply with Sarbanes Oxley, define responsibilities, actions and procedures to manage the security of your computer, communication, Internet and network environment.

As a bonus you get 27 ELECTRONIC FORMS that will help you implement the policies and procedures in this electronic document.
P-SP111-12 / Security Manual Template with 12 months update service$799.00
P-SP111-24 / Security Manual Template with 24 months update service$999.00

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