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It is well known that blogging is one way to easily add new content to a website, and a number of corporate are embracing the idea with gusto. Not only are there companies that do allow corporate blogging, but in lots of cases it is not just the CEO or the marketing manager who blogs, but the actual employees of the company itself. A blog policy is a must.

It can be ordered with or without 12 or 24 months of update service.

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Best Practices Defined

The Blog Policy answers these questions:

  • How much should employees be allowed to say about the internal workings of the company? Your enterprise's management will not be impressed if an employee blurts out your company's trade secrets on the company blog for the whole world to see.
  • Should employees be allowed to criticize the company or their direct management? Some companies allow this, some do not.
  • How much time employees should be allowed to spend on blogging. Is this seen as part of their job descriptions, should it form part of their formal job output models?

It is clear that companies that venture into the corporate blogging arena would be wise to draw up blogging guidelines and have a formal blog policy. The blog policy should state clearly the boundaries within which the employee should operate, but it should not be so strict as to stifle any creativity or place a complete ban on the activity, nor make it so cumbersome to get permission to say something that it becomes virtually impossible to keep a personal feel to the blog and it merely becomes another official corporate mouthpiece.

Janco has the solution a well written Blog Policy and Personal Web Site Policy Template. . This 8 page sample blog policy contains specific policy statements on what can and can not be done via blogs. There are 13 specific best practices defined as specific guidelines for personal web sites and blogs. That includes blogs which are on your enterprise's servers or domains and those on are outside of your enterprise's control.

The policy template comes in word format and can easily be modified to meet the specific requirements of any size enterprise.

Order Blog Policy  Blog Policy Download Selected Pages

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