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IT Job Market spotty

IT job Market spotty while overall job market is flat IT job Market spotty with the overall hiring of IT Pros falling behind the rate of growth in the prior 3 years. With the YTD rate being slower, the two hurricanes, and growth of 11,400 in September of last year the prospects for IT Pros … Continue reading "IT Job Market spotty"

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China Hidden Competitive Advantage

China Hidden Competitive Advantage – China Owns Key Technology Media  Firms China Hidden Competitive Advantage – Should the US be concerned that key technology firms and publications are now owned by China?  In March of 2017, China Oceanwide completed its acquisition of IDG.  China Oceanwide is an international conglomerate founded by Chairman Zhiqiang Lu. Headquartered … Continue reading "China Hidden Competitive Advantage"

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Top 10 IoT skills

Top 10 IoT skills The top 10 IoT skills in demand are: Machine Learning algorithms that build the AI of IoT Devices AutoCAD software to allow IoT devices to make late-stage design changes quickly with minimal cost and time delays Node management via the server to manage the connected devices Security Infrastructure since everything is … Continue reading "Top 10 IoT skills"

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10 step disaster recovery clean up

10 step disaster recovery clean up Walking into an office after an event has occurred, the facility looks to be a shamble.  There are dirt, mud, and debris all over the entire facility.  Where do you start? Here is Janco’s 10 step disaster clean up process extracted from the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template. In … Continue reading "10 step disaster recovery clean up"

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Job market improves

Job market improves – 25 states now at full employment levels Job market improves to the point that there are currently 25 states, (including the District of Columbia), that have unemloyment rates of 4% or less.  At those levels most HR professionals consider those areas as being at full employment levels. The striking factor in … Continue reading "Job market improves"

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