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This site contains the Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity, IT Salary Survey, Job Descriptions, Infrastructure and other tools that the Chief Information Officer - CIO, Chief Technology Officer - CTO, Chief Security Officer - CSO, and Chief Financial Officer - CFO can use.

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Plan Template  DRP Sample DRP Template

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Monthly Job Market Growth

Monthly IT Job Market Growth
Data as of November 2021
Source BLS analysis by Janco Associates, Inc.

2021 Internet and IT Position Description HandiGuide Released

IT Job DescriptionsThere are now 312 IT Job Descriptions available that that have been updated to meet the latest compliance and new technology requirements. The HandiGuide can be acquired in MS WORD and / or PDF format. In addition we provide the option to get updates and free custom job descriptions.

Recently added job descriptions include:

  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Manager Blockchain Architecture
  • Project Manager Blockchain
  • Blockchain Analyst
  • Manager DevOps
  • Manager Telecommuting
  • Manager WFH Support
  • DevOps Application Designer
  • DevOps Quality Control Specialist
  • DevOps Software Engineer
  • DevOps Version Control Specialist

In addition, all of the job descriptions are gender-neutral and meet all mandated compliance requirement from GDPR for the EU and CCPA for California.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Contiuity Planning DRP Sample DRP Template Disaster Recovery Plan Template

The Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template is a comprehensive tool and set of disaster and business continuity planning resources, including a detail disaster recovery business continuity work plan on how to proceed from evaluating risk factors to retrieving server data.

The template has new electronic forms which have been updated to address the realities of today. They are:

  • Pandemic Planning Checklist
  • Vendor Partner DR/BC Questionnaire

Areas covered by the template are:

Besides all the great information included in the Disaster Planning e-book, a PDF version of our Disaster Recovery Planning Template and MS WORD version of the template provide a variety of unique, hands-on planning resources to help ensure your organization's disaster readiness as no other product on the market can. So do not delay—order Janco's Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (DRP Template) today!

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Security Manual Template - eReader Released

Latest version of the Security Manual Template has been released. New features include:

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) which includes BEST PRACTICES and KPI METRICS
  • Chapter on Identity Protection and what enterprises need to do to protect their users.
  • eReader (.ePub) version that can be shared on tablets and smartphones
  • 25 electronic forms that support mandated compliance requirements.

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Mobility Policy Bundle Updated

With the increase of mobile computing enterprises have a need to have a set of policies and procedures to govern the use of mobile devices. The saltest addition of the Mobility Policy bundle has been completely updated to meet the latest security and compliance requirements.

Mobile User Policies and Procedures just updatedMobile User Policies and Procedure

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IT Infrastructure Architecture with 24 months of update service now available

Janco has just released its IT Infrastructure Architecture with the ability to get updates to all of its components for 24 months from the date of its purchase.

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template, DRP Template, DRP Sample -- Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity and Security Templates Released

Disaster Recovery Security The version of the the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity and Security Manual Templates are now available. Both of these World Class documents have been combined into a single package to provide your organization with the complete solution to business continuity and security compliance. They come with electronic forms that are easily modifiable to meet your specific unique requirements.

Both of these templates are the products of choice by 4,000 enterprises in over 100 counties. With the ongoing update service they are the must have winning solution you have been looking for. Disaster Recovery Plan Template, DRP Template, and DRP Sample. Every IT Manager should have this tool.

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10 Backup Best Practices White Paper Released

Backup Best Practices White PaperJanco has just released a white Paper that defining the 10 Backup Best Practices. It defines how to supplement a disaster recovery and business continuity back-up solution with the cloud. A copy of this key document is available to members of Janco's social network.

To join and get a copy of this white paper register here.

NEWS -- Policies and Procedure Bundle -- UPDATED

CIO policy bundle

The policies have just been updated to comply with all mandated requirements and include electronic forms that can be Emailed, filled out completely on the computer, routed and stored electronically -- a total solution.

We have just completed a major update of most of the individual polices and almost all of the electronic forms.

Electronic Infrastructure Policy Forms - The electronic forms that Janco has developed can be e-mailed to users, completed on the computer, and then stored electronically. Forms comply with all mandated requirements for electronic records. A few of the forms are:
  • Blog Policy Compliance Agreement
  • BYOD Access and Use Agreement
  • Company Asset Employee Control Log
  • Email Employee Agreement
  • Internet Access Request
  • Internet and Electronic Communication Employee Agreement
  • Internet Use Approval
  • Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement
  • Pandemic Planning Checklist
  • Sensitive Information Policy Compliance
  • Security Access Application

To see a full list of the forms go to Infrastructure Electronic Forms.

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