Become A Survey Participant

Janco Associates, Inc. has published a bi-annual information technology compensation survey for over ten years.

Participate by providing us valid data and we will be able to download a complimentary copy of the summary results upon its completion. In addition, you may be eligible to purchase the full study at a significant discount.

These results will be available in January. To participate, simply click the Participate button below and complete the on-line Compensation Participation Survey.

You can either download our participation excel spread sheet1 or click on the link below to enter you data via an on-line survey.

Provide data by going to Provide Data. Enter data for 10 job titles to qualify for a free copy of the entire study. Typically it will take at least 5 business days for us to verify your data.

You can reach Janco by

  • sending e-mail to:

  • via phone at: +1 435 940-9300

1. You can qualify for a complete free copy of the PDF version of the study, if your enterprise provides at least ten valid data points as determined by Janco. All other participants will qualify for the summary of the study only.