Security Manual Template Released

The top 10 network security management best practices if not followed expose a company's assets and reputation to unnecessary risk

Security Policies

Security Manual Template - Version 11.1 RELEASED - Over 250 pages - MS WORD

Delivered Electronically

Version 11.1 is over 250 pages long and is packed full of best practices and tools like Janco's priority industry standard Security Management Compliance check list and 25 completed new and updated electronic forms that can be used immediately.

New in the latest version are the following:

  • Added Best Practices Section
  • Added Electronic forms for:
    • Mobile Device Security and Compliance Checklist
    • Outsourcing and Cloud Security Compliance Agreement
    • Server Registration
    • Text Messaging and Sensitive Information Agreement
  • Updated Electronic Forms
  • Updated Graphics
  • Reviewed and updated to meet all mandated government and international standard requirements
  • All of the supplemental materials have been updates
    • Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire
    • SOX Compliance Checklist
    • PCI Audit Program
    • Threat Assessment and Vulnerability Tool Kit

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