CIO's Governance and Infrastructure Strategy for World Class Organizations

IT Governance Infrastructure StrategyJanco's Governance and Infrastructure Strategy and Charter is a map to achieve world class status for an organizations IT function. The framework has been used by organizations around the globe to to structure the technology function with an enterprise's operations seamlessly.

The latest version of the IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template now includes full job descriptions for the

In addition, it is provided in three formats: MS WORD, pdf, and ePub (eReader).

Implement Proven Techniques for Success

With the current volatility and rapidly changing technological solutions and increasing security and mandated compliance requirements now is the time to be in step with the way that industry leaders operate.

Order nowIT Infrastructure management supports operational functions such as system management, change control, release management, network management, applications management, job management, and database management. Across these functions, IT Infrastructure management provides a number of benefits that can result in cost savings, improved service levels, and operational efficiencies.

The template covers everything from the basics to the organizational inter-relationships. Included in the template are:

  • Strategy and Charter Statement of Authority - Includes not only CIOs but also an IT Management Council (Steering Committee) and functional group leaders.
  • IT Management Structure - Organizational approaches, roles and responsibilities for both centralized and de-centralitized organizations.
  • Compliance - Objectives and responsibilities for IT, users, and auditors
  • Personnel Practices - Everything in the employment life-cycle
  • ERP and Omni Commerce - Strategy and best practices defined
  • Controls - Definition of types and risk analysis
  • Application Development Standards - Includes quality assurance requirements
  • Backup and Recovery - Strategy and process alternatives
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - Includes critical function analysis
  • Security - Road map to how and what including appropriate management actions
  • Access Control - Including separation of duties and definition of least privilege
  • Server and Data Center Facility Requirements - Best practices to protect the physical assets
  • Technical Guides including: HIPAA Audit Program; ISO Security Audit Checklist; CIO job description; Security Management Compliance Checklist; and much more.

CIO Infrastructure Management Tool Kit Versions

Janco has created a framework which is easily applied and cover everything from day-to-day IT activities to change control and version management. In addition, you have the option to purchase this offering with 24 months of update service.

IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy and Charter

This is document is the core foundation that needs to be in place for all organizations. It is the basic set of rules and guidelines on how the IT can be molded into a world class solution

IT Infrastructure

  • IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, & Charter Template WORD

Governance Infrastructure Architecture - Gold Edition - available with 24 months of update service

The Gold Edition of the Governace Infrastructure Architecture kit contains the following:

IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy Electronic Forms CIO Policy Bundle

Governance Infrastructure Architecture - Platinum Edition - available with 24 months of update service

The Platinum Edition of the Infrastructure Architecture Kit contains the following:

CIO Policy Bundle Electronic Forms IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy IT Job Descriptions

  • IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, & Charter Template WORD
  • Electronic Infrastructure Policy Forms - over 50 electronic forms
  • CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle - 17 proven policies
  • Full set of IT Job Descriptions in MS Word Format - over 260 FULL job descriptions which have just been updated

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