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      10 actions that a CIO or CSO can take to protect data assets

      May 7th, 2015

      10 actions that a CIO or CSO can take to protect data assets:

      1. Instill on all employees that they are the first line of defense when it comes to data protection and data security.
      2. Develop and implement specific policies and procedures regarding the handling of proprietary or sensitive information.
      3. Validate that the policies and procedures meet all industry and mandate compliance requirements.
      4. Improve training and require all employees to take.
      5. Maintain a tight control on all data assets and ensure only the minimum necessary access to the information.
      6. Require all passwords be changed frequently and not be repeated.
      7. Communicate, enforce and apply consistent sanctions for information privacy or security violations.
      8. Monitor employee activity both on PCs and mobile devices.
      9. Ensure adequate oversight or governance of information security programs.
      10. Have independent 3rd parties test the data protection and data security compliance practices

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      CIO Management and best practices are defined on the Janco blog

      April 27th, 2015

      CIO concerns are constantly changing but the solutions are always centered around three factors: technology, infrastructure and people

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      A trick to improve security to software idenitied

      April 24th, 2015

      A trick to improve security to software idenitied

      Security PoliciesA good way to make software more secure is to implement revisions so frequent that attackers don’t have time to figure out where the vulnerabilities are before the potential attack surface has morphed to something else.

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      Also, network defenders need to take advantage of the honeymoon effect, where new software goes unmolested for a period after it is issued while adversaries analyze it for flaws. With frequent revisions, software is never in place long enough to fall prey to exploits and old exploits are less likely to have an impact.

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      Proposed legislation will weaken data security and breach notification laws

      April 16th, 2015

      Proposed legislation will weaken data security and breach notification laws

      Security Breach Prevention

      The Data Security and Breach Notification Act, approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, would pre-empt stronger breach notification laws in several states and would eliminate data protections of telecom account records.

      The bill is weaker than the data security and breach notification standards that consumers currently enjoy under stronger state laws and existing federal law.

      The legislation would require businesses across the U.S. to notify affected customers after a data breach is headed toward a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives even though the bill will actually weaken protections for consumers.

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      Many data breaches take over 1 year to fix after the first intrusion

      April 14th, 2015

      Security Audit Program

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      Severs and coprorate data are breached on a daily basis.  While this is happening most companies are  unaware that their propritary information is being stolen. Janco has found that over 90% of cybercrime victims find out about the compromise only after a 3rd party notifies them.  Then after a cybercriminal gains access to an enterprise's network it takes an average 416 days to detect the intrusion.

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