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  • CIO HR and Staffing Management Kit - Save over $3,000 with this kit that contains
    • Internet and IT Job Description HandiGuide PDF
    • All of the Job Descriptions as individual MS Word files
    • IT Job Classification HandiGuide
    • Interview and Hiring Guide
    • Latest IT Salary Survey   
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  • IT Job Family Classification System HandiGuide - This HandiGuide provides a step by step methodology and architecture to define job families and and align them with pay grades.

    The core of Janco's IT Job Family Classification System are four (4) IT specifiic career families, broad meaningful grouping of jobs commonly clustered within a career emphasis.

    To develop a functional set of classifications, the IT job family classification system provides the tools to identify the content of the task performed within a job which is the key criteria in determining the family into which a job falls. This process is how jobs are marketed in the recruiting process and conforms to how individuals and enterprises define overall career paths.

    Included in the HandiGuide is a template that has been proven to work in over 100 organizations world wide. A core IT Job Family Classification is included along with operational tools to layer the levels within each of the defined job families.
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