Update Individual Policies with the latest version

Update Individual Policies with the latest version - Individual policies can receive update service. The options are for the service are 12 or 24 months.

Janco typically updates all of its policies at least once every 12 months. In addition when there are new mandates that are required, we review all of these policies in their entireties and make the necessary adjustment.

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Policy Months of
Update Service
CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle 12 24
Backup & Backup Retention Policy 12 24
Blog & Personal Web Site Policy 12 24
BYOD Policy 12 24
Google Glass Policy 12 24
Incident Communication Plan Policy 12 24
Internet eMail Communication Policy 12 24
Mobile Device Policy 12 24
Outsourcing Cloud Policy 12 24
Patch Management Version Control Policy 12 24
Physical & Virtual Server Security Policy 12 24
Record Classification - Management Policy 12 24
Safety Program 12 24
Sensitive Information Policy 12 24
SLA Policy 12 24
Social Networking Policy 12 24
Work From Home (WFH) Telecommuting Policy 12 24
Text Messaging Policy 12 24
Travel & Off-Site Meeting Policy 12 24
Wearable Device Policy 12 24
All Forms for Policy Bundle 12 24
All policies in Policy Bundle 12 24
Mobility Policy Bundle 12 24

Notification of updates is via email to the contact that has ordered the service. Purchase of the core product is required to qualify for the update subscription service or with authorization by the Janco Support Manager.

As a practice all of the polices, job descriptions, attachments, and electronic forms are reviewed at least one every year. This typically is done in the first quarter. However, if there is a major change due to new legislation, technological advancement, or major event that impacts the IT function, we will conduct immediate reviews of the impacted polices, job descriptions, attachments, and electronic forms.

If for some reason an individual procedure is not reviewed in a calendar year we will automatically extend the update subscription service for an additional 12 months or for three months beyond the last update, whichever is longer.