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R-00246 / Identity Management Protection Analyst Job Description$70.00
The Identity Management Protection Analyst is responsible for designing and implementing security controls which prevent hackers from infiltrating company information or jeopardizing e-commerce programs.
P-10002 / Security Team Job Description Bundle$399.00
The Security Team Job Description Bundle includes 25 full job descriptions in WORD and PDF formats. Including: Chief Compliance Officer (CCO); Chief Security Officer (CSO); Chief Digital Officer; Chief Mobility Officer; VP Strategy and Architecture; Data Protection Officer (DPO); Director e-Commerce; Database Administrator; Data Security Administrator; Identity Management Protection Analyst; Information Security Analyst; Manager Compliance; Manager Data Security; Manager Facilities and Equipment; Manager Network and Computing Services; Manager Network Services; Manager Security and Workstations; Manager Training and Documentation; Manager Voice and Data Communication; Manager Wireless Systems; Network Security Analyst; System Administrator - Linux; System Administrator - Unix; System Administrator - Windows; and Wi-Fi Administrator
P-10002-12 / Security Team Job Description Bundle with 12 Months Update$429.00

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