131,800 new IT jobs were created in the last 12 months

IT job market has been spurred on as 62,600 new IT jobs were added in the last 3 months - the best growth in IT jobs since 2000

Park City UT - 131,800 new IT jobs were created in the last 12 months - The overall IT job market shows a marked improvement. The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. , Mr. M V Janulaitis said, "Computer science and IT professionals is a very strong job markets as 14,500 jobs were added last month versus 10,200 in December. In the last 12 months 131,800 jobs were added which is a really good sign especially compared with last year this time when only 75,500 jobs were added through the same period. That is a sign that the economy is turning around. " The CEO added, "In our professional opinion, the recovery is well under way for IT Pros. " Mr. Janulaitis said, "Hiring is across the board, as many CIOs have been given the green light to start hiring and many even have open requisitions they cannot fill because of a lack of good candidates. " Janulaitis expanded his remarks with, "Based on interviews of 103 CIOs in the last several weeks, we find that hiring is on a definite upswing and there is a real shortage of IT pros with experience in cloud based applications and mobile computing. In addition, our 2015 IT salary survey which was just released two weeks ago, shows that salaries have increased an average of 2.4% for all IT professionals. We are finding that there is an upward pressure on compensation for the first time since 2002. "

NOTE: the table below is updated automatically with the latest IT salaries when a new salary survey is published. That happens every January and June. The historical data is available.

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IT job market gains

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A robust hiring trend for IT Professionals - the recovery is in full swing.

IT job market growth trend

From a review of the latest BLS data, Janco has found that there was a net increase of approximately 62,600 IT jobs in the last three months and this trend continues to show a steady positive trajectory.

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