Compliance Management Kit 10 Compliance Best Practices

10 Compliance Best Practices - Compliance is a major issue that organizations of all sizes need to address. In the information technology field they range from inadvertent information disclosure to mechanized attacks on the core business infrastructure. To address these compliance issues world class organizations implement a set of best practices for their compliance programs. Janco has identified ten such best practices and they are:

Compliance Process
  1. Board of Directors assumes compliance responsibility
  2. Management communicates its importance
  3. Management communicates its commitment to compliance
  4. Management put in place consequences for those who do not comply
  5. Goal is beyond compliance
  6. Make the compliance message clear and simple
  7. Communicate the compliance program and objectives to everyone
  8. Provide detail policies, procedures, and  backup with training
  9. Integrate compliance with business operations
  10. Be prepared for a breach in compliance with processes in place to address the violations

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Compliance Management Toolkit Versions

Janco offers a full range of tools to help enterprises of all sizes to address these issues. The Compliance Management kit provides the infrastructure tools

In addition to the Compliance Management White Paper we provided the The Compliance Management tool kit in three (3) versions: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Compliance Management White Paper


Compliance Management White Paper
  • Compliance Management White Paper - Summarizes mandated compliance requirements and provides a summary level work plan for how to implement Compliance Management policies and procedures.

    White Paper contains a table of manadated record retention periods and a list of all of the states and US possessions with their mandated notification requirements. Updated to include GDPR and CCPA requirement discussion

Compliance Management - Silver Edition


Compliance Management White Paper Secuirty Audit Program PCI Audit Program Compliance Job Descriptions
  • Compliance Management White Paper
  • Security Audit Program - fully editable -- Comes in MS EXCEL and PDF formats -- Meets ISO 27001, 27002, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS and HIPAA requirements -- Over 400 unique tasks divided into 11 areas of audit focus which are the divided into 39 separate task groupings including BYOD.
  • PCI Audit Program - Word and PDF
  • Compliance Management Job Descriptions (25 key positions) - Word Format - fully editable and PDF- Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Chief Data Officer, Chief Mobility Officer, Chief Security Officer, Data Protection Officer, Director Electronic Commerce, Director IT Management and Controls, Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Manager Blockchain Architecture, Manager BYOD Support, Manager Compliance, Manager E-Commerce, Manager Enterprise Architecture, Manager Internet Systems, Manager Record Administration, Manager Transaction Processing, Manager Video and Website Content, Manager Web Content, Manager Wireless Systems, PCI-DSS Administrator, System Administrators - Linux, System Administrators - Windows, System Administrators - UNIX, Webmaster, and Wi-Fi Network Administrator

Compliance Management - Gold Edition


Compliance Management White Paper  Secuirty Audit Program  PCI Audit Program  Compliance Job Descriptions  Record Management Policy  Privacy Compliance Policy
  • Compliance Management White Paper
  • Security Audit Program
  • PCI Audit Program
  • Compliance Management Job Descriptions (25 key positions)
  • Record Classification and Management Policy - Word - Policy which complies with mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements
  • Privacy Compliance Policy that address the EU's GDPR and the latest California Consumer Privacy Act

Compliance Management - Platinum Edition


Compliance Management White Paper Security Audit Program PCI Audit Program Compliance Job Descriptions Record Management Policy  Privacy Compliance Policy  Security Manual
  • Compliance Management White Paper
  • Security Audit Program
  • PCI Audit Program
  • Compliance Management Job Descriptions (25 key positions)
  • Record Classification and Management
  • Privacy Compliance Policy that address the EU's GDPR and the latest California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Security Manual Template - Word - 240 plus packed pages which are usable as is. Over 3,000 companies worldwide have chosen this as the basis for their best practices to meet mandated US, EU and ISO requirements

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Top 10 Reasons Cloud Solutions are Expanding

Cloud OutsourcingAs CIOs and businesses move organizations towards cloud solutions and processing there are many benefits. The top 10 reasons that cloud processing is currently the infrastructure model of choice are:

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  1. Pay for Usage not Capacity - Cloud-based applications mean that many of the old barriers to entry for traditional on-premise software, such as expensive infrastructure investments, heavy IT involvement and costly customizations, have been removed.

  2. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - With cloud based applications data and processing power is more easily moved and operated in alternative locations.

  3. Security is Enhanced - A cloud solution with an outside organization usually provides enterprise-grade security from physical access and virus protection through to data encryption, transfer and storage.

  4. Compliance Requirements are More Easily Meet - In addition mandated federal requirements, there now compliance requirements in almost every state. Individual state data protection laws are unique in several ways.

  5. ROI is Easier to Achieve - Cloud technologies remove many barriers associated with acquiring and using new and collaboration technology.

  6. Users are in Command of Solutions - The shift to cloud has also helped usher in a new buyer.

  7. Solutions are Scalable - As demands increase or decrease, cloud solution give the using organizations the to start small, add and consume resources as demand grows, and reduce them when demand is not there.

  8. Fewer Obstacles and Excuses - Customer and supplier demand has increased he need to collaborate and share content across firewalls and businesses have become more of a network centric.

  9. Version Control More Manageable - Traditional on-premise software is often hampered by long release cycles.

  10. Access From Anywhere at Any Time - Information access across multiple computing systems and devices (including BYOD), including Windows, Apple, Linux and smartphones or tablets, is actually one of the primary reasons CIOs and businesses are moving solutions to cloud based applications.

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