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  • Cryptocurrency - cybercurrency makes cybercrime easier

    IT focus on the digital market place and cryptocurrency

    Manager Blockchain DLT Architecture Job DescriptionSecurity threats have been added to with the move towards cryptocurrency (cybercurrency).  Cryptocurrrency makes monetizing cybercrime for cybercriminals. Attsacks are becoming more sophisticated and expensive.  The bottom line impact can be material as a single breach can impact all of a firms operations.

    Manager Blockchain - DLT Architecture Available for Immediate Download

    The Blockchain and distributed ledger technology processing and database systems are the heart of the enterprise¬ís systems. It is extremely important to the enterprise that these systems offer the highest reliability and performance possible. The Manager Blockchain Architecture is challenged to oversee the Blockchain processing activities and ensure that the systems are reliable and performing at peak efficiency.

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    - Cryptocurrency - cybercurrency makes cybercrime easier

    One in five workers work at home

    Telecommuting is a reality for one quarter of the workforce

    Telecommuting PolicyAccording to the BLS in the US 22 percent of workers did some or all of their work at home on days they worked. Workers 25 and over with an advanced degree were more likely to work at home than were persons with less education--43 percent compared with 12 percent of those with a high school diploma.

    With the rise of the Internet, and the increase in affordable bandwidth came a new type of worker, the telecommuter. Available technologies, in certain cases, have allowed some companies to offer the ability for certain employees to work from home instead of the office. This can be not only a benefit for the employee, but also for the company itself. As more and more employees clamor for the ability to telecommute, it is imperative for companies to have an in place a viable telecommuting policy. 

    - One in five workers work at home

    Managing Risk

    Managing RiskProcess to manage risk

    As the threat landscape continues to evolve, organizations must abandon traditional defensive postures for proactive strategies designed to mitigate risks and help them quickly recover. This comprehensive tool by Janco Associates addresses recent threat trends, risk mitigation strategies, and lessons learned from those in the security trenches.

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    - Managing Risk

    Project Manager Blockchain Job Description

    Blockchain Project Manager Job Description

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    Janco has just released a comprehensive job description for a Project Manager Blockchain. 

    The Project Manager Blockchain is responsible for overseeing the Blockchain project team. This group is responsible for the enterprise’s blockchain database systems, cyber currency controls, and blockchain processing systems that form the basis of this initiative. This responsibility includes processing security, cyber currency management systems, resource monitoring, reporting, and the development of specialized programs.

    The Project Manager Blockchain coordinates blockchain processing software issues with other IT organizations including applications and operations.

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    - Project Manager Blockchain Job Description

    5G not here yet

    5G not here yet - IT Governance Implications

    %G not here yetVerizon and AT&T Jumped the Gun on 5G. This was going to be a big year for 5G, but we'll have to suffer through a huge amount of marketing spin to get there. First there was the curious debut of AT&T's 5G E, which isn't really 5G.

    How do you plan when the technology is marketed and then not implemented in a timely fashion?

    Then the disappointing speed tests started to roll in. Verizon's earnings call this week was just as revealing. The truth is, the only 5G out there today in the US is on TV commercials.

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    - 5G not here yet