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It is essential to have a proper backup strategy in place in case something goes wrong. Below are articles and links to tools that can help you in the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and execution process. This knowledge base has been developed by Janco Associate, Inc.

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  • Ransom of data and systems on the rise

    DRP Made Simple

    Securfity Policy and Procedure Manual Make Compliance Management Easier

    8.7% of the more than 1,000 ransomware cases reviewed involved attackers stealing data from an organization and threatening to release it publicly unless victims paid the ransom demand. In addition, every attacker now typically demands a ransom payment only in bitcoins.

    Security and compliance are key to maintaining control of sensitive and confidential information.

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    - Ransom of data and systems on the rise

    Stay secure when working remotely

    Mobile User PoliciesMobility Policy Bundle address the top 5 security issues for mobile users

    The top 5 security best practices that mobile users should follow are:

    1. Make sure your home network is secure - make it password-protect your router
    2. Use a separate device or account for work. It's best to keep personal and professional devices and accounts separate.
    3. Encrypt sensitive files in transit and in storage.
    4. Stay informed on cybersecurity and social engineering trends-  scammers will try to pose as your colleagues or managers to try to get you to give up sensitive company information.
    5. Avoid public Wi-Fi, which is far more likely to have malicious actors connected to it or running it, as is the case with a hotspot.

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    - Stay secure when working remotely

    Ransomware cost more that $1Billion in the last 12 months

    Impact of Ransomware

    Ransomware is a malicious software that allows a hacker to restrict access to vital information and then demands some form of payment to lift the restriction. Over the past three years, ransomware has jumped into the spotlight of the cyber threat landscape. The FBI projects ransomware attacks to yield more than $1B in the last 12 months.

    An organization's success in defending against a ransomware attack is largely dependent on the level of preparation and the tools deployed to monitor ystems to detect, respond to and neutralize suspicious activity.

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    - Ransomware cost more that $1Billion in the last 12 months

    Computer Security Salary Data

    Computer Security Salary Data

    Along with the security job descriptions, Janco has identified a number of standard IT Job Families that can be used for career planning and settin compensation levels. One of these is the Information Security Job Family.


    Along with semi-annual Salary Survey, Janco produces a number a job family salary ranking.  One that was included in the 2020 IT Salary Survey was that of Information Security Job Family.

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    - Computer Security Salary Data

    Goverment Actors Generate Malware

    Security Policies may not be enough

    GovermentActors Generate Malware Goverment Actors Generate Malware.  A number of security professionals  have identified a strain of destructive data-wiping malware that was developed by Iranian state-sponsored hackers and deployed in cyber-attacks against energy companies active in the Middle East.

    They are not the only company creating such malware.  Russia and China are both active in that field.

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    - Goverment Actors Generate Malware