Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery Plan Template

Business Continuity
ISO 27000 Series, Sarbanes - Oxley,
CobiT, PCI-DSS, & HIPAA Compliant

Version History

This Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) can be used as a Disaster Planning template for any enterprise. The Disaster Recovery template and supporting material have been updated to be Sarbanes-Oxley, EU, and HIPAA compliant.

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Version 2019

  • Updated all included job descriptions
  • Updated all included forms
    • Disaster Recovery electronic forms
    • Safety Program electronic forms
  • Added co-location checklist
  • Audit Program Updated
  • Administrative changes
    • Changed core document to have job descriptions and forms delivered in their own directories
    • Business and IT Impact Questionnaire is delivered in its own and comes as a MS WORD, pdf, and eBook electronic format
    • 3 included job descriptions are delivered in their own directory


Version 8.7

  • Added electronic form for DR/BC Site Evaluation Checklist
  • Added latest electronic DR/BC electronic forms
  • Added latest electronic Safety Program electronic forms

Version 8.6

  • Updated¬† to meet EU compliance requirements
  • Updated all the attached electronic forms
  • Updated all the included job descriptions
  • Updated to include references to Mobile Device Data
  • Added Power Requirement 10 point planning checklist

Version 8.5

  • Updated to address issues associated with recent hurricanes, fires, and other recent business disruption events
  • Added ePub version to the standard product
  • Corrected minor errata

Version 8.4

  • Updated DR/BC Audit Program to meet the latest mandated requirements
    • Updated to reflect EU and US state requirements for California and Texas
    • IoT audit requirements include in audit program
    • Social media and e-commerce added to audit program
  • Added recovery life cycle after a "Major Event"
  • Added introduction section on Best Practices for Backup
  • Added section for IoT backup
  • Update the electronic MS WORD based forms:
    • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Electronic Forms Bundle (9 forms)
    • Safety Electronic Forms Bundle (9 forms)

Version 8.3

  • Added ransomware guidelines
  • Updated compliance requirements - including new HIPAA requirements

Version 8.2

  • Updated to meet latest compliance requirements
  • Updated work plan and deliverables
  • Updated all electronic forms
  • Updated checklists to meet best practices standards

Version 8.1

  • Updated to meet all of the latest in force and proposed mandated compliance requirements
  • Includes all 9 of the updated Disaster Recovery Plan Electronic Forms
  • Includes all 8 of the updated Safety Program Electronic Forms

Version 8.0

  • Updated to be compliant with the latest ISO standards
    • Added section on ISO 28000
  • Updated to the latest Business and IT Impact forms (Now included as a separate document for ease of use)
  • Updated to include specific references to mobile users and BYOD devices
  • BYOD back up recovery strategy before and during a disaster defined
  • Updated with the latest electronic forms
  • Updated with the latest Business Impact and Risk Assessment

Version 7.5

  • Added Physical and Virtual Server Security Policy
  • Added electronic form for Server Registration

Version 7.4

  • Updated Recovery Site Strategy for Cloud
  • Updated CSS Style Sheet for black and white printing

Version 7.3

  • Updated to include Version 1.3 of the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Audit Program

Version 7.2

  • Updated responsibilities for team members
  • Added Safety Program references in the core template
  • Added Electronic Safety Program Forms
    • Area Safety Inspection
    • Employee Job Hazard Analysis
    • First Report of Injury
    • Inspection Checklist - Alternative Locations
    • Inspection Checklist - Office Locations
    • New Employee Safety Checklist
    • Safety Program Contact List
    • Training Record

Version 7.1

  • Updated graphics
  • Updated Business Analysis Impact Section

Version 7.0

  • Updated for compliance with ISO 22301
  • Added Electronic Forms for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Management
    • Plan Distribution Control Log
    • Remote Location Contact Information
    • Team Call List
    • Vendor Contact List
    • Off-Site Inventory
    • LAN Hardware / Software Inventory
    • Personnel Locations

Version 6.2

  • Added ISO 27031 specific materials
    • Overview
    • Principles - Scope and Objectives
    • Requirements

Version 6.1

  • Added materials specific to social network communication
  • Added Social network checklist

Version 6.0

  • Updated Disaster Recovery Audit Program for mandated requirements
  • Updated Business & IT Impact Questionnaire for mandated requirements
  • Updated backup strategy section
  • Added Incident Communication Plan

Version 5.7

  • Updated Communication Strategy and Policy
    • Added Communicating with employees section
    • Added What to communicate section

Version 5.6

  • Updated Risk Assessment Business and IT Impact Questionnaire
    • Updated for COBIT compliance
    • Updated for PCI-DSS compliance
    • Updated for US state level compliance (New York, Massachusetts, and California)\
    • Update for ISO security requirements

Version 5.5

  • Updated to comply with CobiT requirements
  • Added Sample Disaster Recovery Plan Service Agreement

Version 5.4

  • Added Pandemic Coordinator job description
  • Added Business Pandemic Planning Checklist
  • Updated organization chart to include Pandemic Coordinator
  • Corrected minor errata

Version 5.3

  • Updated backup and backup retention section
  • Updated style sheet to be CSS Style sheet format
  • Added Disaster Recovery Business Continuity General Distribution Information
    • What to do after an explosion / terrorist attack
    • How to clean up after a disaster

Version 5.2

  • Replaced WORD 2003 style sheet with Word style sheet
  • Updated all forms used in the template

Version 5.1

  • Added Backup & Backup Retention Policy (9 pages)
  • Minor Formatting Changes

Version 5.0

  • Updated Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan Audit Program to be compliant with ISO 27000 Series (ISO 27001 and ISO 27002)
  • Added a section on Communication Strategy and Policy to be implemented when the Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan is activated
  • Added a section on Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity and Security basics
  • Added Personnel Location Report
  • Added Project Status Report Form

Version 4.5

  • Added Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Audit Program
  • Updated excel work plan to refer to sections versus pages

Version 4.4

  • Section added on implications of Sarbanes-Oxley, Treadway Commission, and PCI DSS requirements
  • Disaster Planning Branch Offices added
  • Back-up strategy table added
  • Back-up strategy for PDA's updated to reflect smartphones

Version 4.3

  • Defined generic metrics for DR/BC success
  • Business & IT Impact Analysis Questionnaire Updated
  • Updated references to the DRP card
  • Updated formatting to meet Word requirements
  • A fully indexed version of the Template in PDF format included with the Word format
  • Now comes in both Office 2003 and Office 2007 formats

Version 4.2

  • Added Section defining the ISO 17799 compliance requirements
  • Review and modified entire DRP/BCP template to ensure compliance with ISO 17799
  • Business & IT Impact Questionnaire updated to meet ISO 17799 compliance requirements
  • Corrected errata
  • Added Best Data Retention and Destruction Practices Section

Version 4.1

  • Department DRP / BCP Activation Workbook Updated in the appendix
  • Correct work plan formatting and numbering for project initiation
  • Web Site Disaster Recovery Planning Form added to the appendix

Version 4.0

  • Vendor Disaster Recovery Planning Questionnaire added to the appendix
  • Department Disaster Recovery Planning Workbook added to the appendix
  • Vendor Phone List form updated
  • Key Customer Notification List form added
  • Critical Resources to be Retrieved form added
  • Business Continuity Off-Site Materials form added

Version 3.1

  • Site Strategy section added (Section 3.1) all other section numbers in Chapter 3 were increased to adjust for this modification.
  • Audit Disaster Recovery Plan Process added (Section 8.13).
  • Manager Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity job description added
  • Entire template reviewed to validate compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley

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