Work From Home - WFH - Drives Changes for CIOs and Operational Management Focus

Covid-19 significantly alters the priorities of overall enterprise infrastructure processes

WorIT Governance Infrastructure Strategyk from Home (WFH) drives companies to be more customer-focused, improve employee productivity, become process improvement-focused, and be market driven. All that results in a new way of interacting between, employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.   
The top ten areas of focus for CIOs, technology managers, and operational management are:

  • Supporting customer demand for quicker response time
  • Improving service process efficiencies
  • Supporting customer demand requirements
  • Improving WFH workforce utilization and productivity
  • Being there when the customer demand is there
  • Drive increased product and service revenue
  • Minimizing operations costs
  • Drive increased product and service profitability with high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Improve overall remote expertise capabilities for all WFH employees

KPI Metrics including Work from Home  KPI MetricsIn order to effectively address these areas of focus - and strive to implement best practices, the most needed strategic actions to be taken: 

  • Develop/improve metrics, or KPIs, to measure field service performance
  • Invest in mobile tools to support field technicians
  • Integrate new technologies into existing technology and enterprise operations’ infrastructure
  • Provide enterprise-wide access to important data
  • Automate existing manual operations processes and activities

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