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IT job market improved in November as 12,700 new IT jobs were added in November. For 2014 there have been 108,100 jobs created.

Park City - UT – IT professional and computer science based jobs hiring improves - The overall unemployment rate remains at 5.8% and a job market participation of 62.8%. The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. , Mr. M V Janulaitis said, "In the case of computer science and IT professionals, 12,700 jobs were added in November versus 6,900 in October. For 2014 there have been over 108,000 jobs added which is a really good sign especially compared with last year this time when only 68,500 jobs were added through November. That is real a strong positive sign that the economy is turning around. ' The CEO added, "In our professional opinion, the recovery is well under way for IT Pros. " Mr. Janulaitis said, "Hiring is across the board, as many CIOs have been given the green light to start hiring. " Janulaitis expanded his remarks with, "Based on interviews of 97 CIOs in the last several weeks, we find that hiring is on a definite upswing and there is a real shortage of IT pros with experience in cloud based applications and mobile computing. In addition, as we are capturing data for our next IT salary survey which is to be published in January, we are finding that there is an upward pressure on compensation for the first time since 2002. "

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From a review of the latest BLS data, Janco has found that there was a net increase of 30,100 jobs in the last three months. The three month moving average for new IT jobs is now showing steady job growth.
On the negative side the labor market participation rate remains at record low levels. The CEO said, "The over-all labor participation rate has not budged and is still below where it was last year at this time. "

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