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Risk Assessment IT Business Impact Questionnaire Released

Risk Assessment IT Business Impact Questionnaire released. Security Manual Template and Disaster Recovery template updated to include questionnaire.

Park City, UT - Janco has just released version 4.0 of its Business and IT Impact questionnaire. This is the tool of choice for over 2,500 enterprises world-wide in their risk assessment processes. The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, “We have updated our questionnaire to specifically include references for COBIT, PCI-DSS and mandated required for states like New York, California, and Massachusetts.

Risk AssessmentJanulaitis added, “Understanding how a business works -- which processes must interlock and be continuously available to sell, produce and support its clients -- is the foremost goal of a business impact analysis. The questionnaire identifies: the most critical business processes across an entire enterprise; the maximum outage that a business process can sustain before it severely impacts the well-being of your company; the financial, productivity and personal impacts of an extended business disruption; the short-term business impacts and permanent business losses; the priority of business process recovery; and identify the vital records necessary to protect business operations so they can to resume successfully. ”

In addition Janco has updated it Disaster Recovery Business Continuity and Security Manual templates to include the latest versions of this questionnaire. The areas covered by the questionnaire include: facilities, business functions, applications, compliance, system of internal controls, environment, resources, and record management. A full copy of the table of contents and sample pages are available for download

The template is available for purchase and electronic delivery on Janco's web site https://www.e-janco.com. The questionnaire is available in PDF format as well as MS-Word. The CEO of Janco added, “Our clients are our best marketing resource. Once they use any of our IT Infrastructure products they typically come back for us to help them fill in with our proven policies and procedures.

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