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Best Practice for IT Pay Levels

Show me the money

Best Practice for IT Pay Levels - Editor's note: Consulting firm Janco Associates has published a 2001 IT Salary Survey, and the word is that IT salaries are going up. Janco surveyed 463 large companies and 527 midsize companies to gather salary data on over 70 technology positions. To find out how you compare, a sampling is posted here. You can find the complete survey at the Janco Web site.

The Janco 2001 IT Salary Survey shows that the average benchmark salary paid to technology professionals now exceeds $100,000 . The benchmark is the salary that you would have to pay to get a top performing professional to join your firm.

Mean IT salaries

Compensation for the “best of breed” MIS executives was $434,416 for large companies (revenues over $500 million) and $490,559 for medium-size companies (revenues less than $500 million). Salary ranges and averages for middle level and staff positions have also grown dramatically during the last year, with 21 percent increases for employees of large companies
and a 49 percent increase for mid-level employees of medium-sized firms. The study shows increases in overall compensation ranging from 10 percent to 40 percent, depending on the position surveyed. Systems Support Specialists are definitely in the driver's seat, garnering over a 40 percent increase.

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