Janco e-mail Campaigns

E-mail Campaigns summary - This is a summary of selected e-mail campaigns that have been sent out. The emails were send out to addresses that were obtained via an opt in process and the list is used for only for Janco Associates, Inc's communication and marketing efforts.

Janco Associates Contact Information - Janco Associates, Inc. (founded in 1998) is a management consulting firm that focuses on Management Information Systems, and in particular on the strategic application of information technology to gain competitive business advantage. As part of our practice we create ELECTRONIC products that we create and sell via the internet. These include:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Salary Surveys
  • Job Descriptions
  • Templates for Disaster Recovery and Security
  • Polices and Procedures

You can reach Janco by

  • sending e-mail to: support@e-janco.com

  • via phone at: +1 435 940-9300