Security Manual Template GDPR Checklist

Many Companies are not ready for EU's GDPR compliance 

Data Protection - GPDRJanco Associates has just released Version 12.2 of its Security Manual Template. Included with this release is a GDPR Compliance Checklist. Janco said, “We have reviewed the compliance plans of over 200 SMB enterprises and have found that 34% of the companies are not ready to meet the EU's GDPR requirement.  Plus many who think they are in compliance are not." 

GDPR has a mandated requirement for any entereprise that does business with EU residents and companies.

CIOs and CSO's who have had a chance to review the latest version of the Security Manual Template have told Janco that the compliance checklist is a must have tool.  Even for those companies that feel they comply, this is a great auditing tool can be put to work right away.  Also, an added feature in the Premium Edition is a full 5-page job description for a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

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