Social Networking policy has just been updated

Socail Networking PolicyOrganizations who have been most successful with social networking​ efforts take time to survey the community, understand the values and rules of engagement. In short, they pay attention to the culture and identify what is accepted before they join. When they join, the organizations who have had success within social networks remember that this isn't a place for traditional public relations tactics but a place for engagement.

The Social Networking policy has just been updated with:

  1. Added Social Media Specialist job description
  2. New Social Networking Compliance Agreement Electronic Form;
  3. New Social Networking best practices for individuals and;
  4. Meet the latest security compliance requirements

C-Level executive are now aware of the associated dangers of social networking. This policy mitigates these and other risks, including:

  • Inadvertent disclosure of confidential information
  • Allowing third parties to run applications that have access to user and company e-commerce profiles.
  • Cyber-slacking is a genuine concern.
  • Risk to your company's reputation. Social networking is more public and less formal than company e-mail which increases risks
  • Viruses and spyware can target the company and it products/services

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