BYOD policy has just been updated

Electronic FormsThe BYOD policy has just been updated to include 3 new electronic forms.

  1. BYOD Access and Use Agreement
  2. Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement
  3. Mobile Device Security and Compliance Checklist

There is a complete strategy for how to get  BYOD to operate in a safe and secure environment.

The BYOD Policy Template that addresses issues and provides solutions for:
  • What are the legal implication of BYOD - What is the impact of the Stored Communication Act - Record Retention and Destruction?
  • What happens to the data and audit trail on a BYOD when an employee leaves the company?
  • What about a lost or stolen BYOD?
  • How is the BYOD configured to receive and transmit corporate data?
  • What kind of passwords are acceptable to use on a BYOD?
  • What kind of encryption standards are acceptable for BYOD?
  • What types of BYOD are allowed and what types are not?
  • What about jail broken, rooted or compromised BYOD?
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