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  • Smart Phones are Computers and Present CIOs With Associated Risks

Smart Phones are Computers and Present CIOs With Associated Risks

Mobility Policy Bundle is a Must Have Tool Kit for Every Company

Security Manual The new era of smartphones and the Internet of Things can be a dangerous place to do business. It is enough to make a CIO long for the days when the biggest security threats were passwords written on sticky notes attached to computer monitors or the "Stoned" virus that made PC screens images jiggle.

While the new threats are real - although at times overblown as the white hat hacker economy depends on a questionable relation between hackers wanting to turn their digital cracking prowess into a business and vendors who want to keep bad publicity to a minimum - CIOs and corporate technology execs need to focus on the big security picture rather than sink into a morass of fixing every new vulnerability.

Janco's Mobility Policy Bundle puts this all in a managable perspective:

  • Mobility Policy BundleMobility Policy Bundle(more info...) All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic forms are all individual documents that are easily modifiable
    • BYOD Policy Template(more info...) Includes electronic BYOD Access and Use Agreement Form
    • Mobile Device Access and Use Policy(more info...)
    • Record Management, Retention, and Destruction Policy(more info...)
    • Social Networking Policy(more info...) Includes electronic form
    • Telecommuting Policy(more info...) Includes 3 electronic forms to help to effectively manage work at home staff
    • Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy(more info...)
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