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  • Security Manual Updated with Risk Assessment Electronic Forms

Security Manual Updated with Risk Assessment Electronic FormsSecurity Manual

The Security Manual Template has just been updated to include the latest electronic forms for Risk and Threat Assessment Forms. With these new forms in place you will easily be able to conduct an assessment of your enterprise's exposures and then implement solutions to mitigate the risks.

Download This Complete and Customizable Security Framework

Each component of this kit comes in editable Microsoft Office templates, is customizable to the specific needs of your business and contains clear instructions and examples. The tools and guides in this package follow the following four steps:

  • Step 1. Conduct Business Impact Analysis
  • Step 2. Assess Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Step 3: Customize Your Security Manual Template
  • Step 4: Enforce Security Policies and Procedures
Electronic Forms

The ELECTRONIC forms included with the Security Manual template are:

    1. Blog Policy Compliance Agreement
    2. BYOD Access and Use Agreement
    3. Company Asset Employee Control Log
    4. Email Employee Agreement
    5. Employee Termination Procedures and Checklist
    6. FIPS 199 Assessment
    7. Internet Access Request Form
    8. Internet and Electronic Communication Employee Agreement
    9. Internet use Approval
    10. Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement
    11. Mobile Device Security and Compliance Checklist
    12. New Employee Security Acknowledgment and Release
    13. Outsourcing and Cloud Security Compliance Agreement
    14. Outsourcing Security Compliance Agreement
    15. Preliminary Security Audit Checklist
    16. Risk Assessment
    17. Security Access Application
    18. Security Audit Report
    19. Security Violation Procedures
    20. Sensitive Information Policy Compliance Agreement
    21. Server Registration
    22. Social networking Policy Compliance Agreement
    23. Telecommuting Work Agreement
    24. Text Messaging Sensitive Information Agreement
    25. Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Inventory

Read on...

The Security Manual Template provides all the essential elements of a complete security manual. Detailed language addressing more than a dozen security topics is included in this 240-page Microsoft Word document, which you can modify as you see fit to meet your business requirements. The template includes sections on critical topics such as:

Risk Analysis

Physical Security

Staff Member Roles

Facility Design


Data & Software Security

Network Security

Contingency Planning

Incident Reporting

Outsourced Services

Access Control

Waiver Procedures

Order Security ManualDownload Security Table of Contents

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