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Participate in Salary Survey

Job Descriptions Key to Management of IT Professionals

IT Job Market Shows Impact of Recession

Participate in Salary Survey

IT Salary SurveyThere is just a short time left for you to participate in our June 2009 IT Salary Survey. If you provide us with one data point we will send you the summary as soon as the survey is release. If you provide us with ten (10) or more data points we will send you a full copy of the survey.

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Security Policies & ProceduresMost enterprises face data security breaches because of lost or stolen laptops, PDAs, SmartPhones, and USB storage devices. Industry experts have found that:

  • Laptop and mobile device theft is experienced by 50% of security professionals
  • Every 50 seconds a laptop goes missing - and that is just at U.S. airports
  • 85% of privacy and security professionals had at least one reportable breach in the past 12 months
  • The cost of recovering from a single data breach now averages $6.3 million
  • 66% of data breaches involved data the victim did not know was on the system.

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Job Descrptions Key to Management of IT Professionals

Job DescriptionsThe Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide™ was completed in and is over 600 pages; which includes sample organization charts, a job progression matrix, and 220 Internet and IT job descriptions. The book also addresses Fair Labor Standards, the ADA, and is in a new easier to read format.

Well defined job descriptions help CIOs to to justify how each position supports the enterprise's key objectives. CIOs can then:

  • Establish quantitative and objective metrics to evaluate job performance
  • Validate that compensation is competitive, based on current market rates for the position and metro area the job is in
  • Look at both internal and external candidates for open positions when they need to be filled
  • Apply a consistent selection process to all candidates
  • Include key stakeholders in your employee selection process
  • Train your interviewers in your employee selection process
  • Give your interviewers guidance to help them probe deeper into a candidate's suitability and compatibility with the culture of your enterprise
  • Conduct comprehensive reference and background checks on job candidates and validate the information on resumes of all employees
  • Ensure your orientation process helps re-deployed people become productive faster.
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IT Job Market Shows Impact of Recession

Janco and the IT Productivity Center are just starting to compile the data for its July 2009 IT Salary Survey that will be released next month. Janco is still gathering data and is accepting responses from enterprises until the end of the month. If you would like to participate just follow the link below.

The initial data shows that both compensation and hiring are down in many of the major metropolitan areas.

The regions and cities most impacted are the North East (New York and Boston), Far West (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Northwest (Seattle and Tacoma), Midwest (Chicago and Detroit), and Southwest (Dallas and Phoenix).

Many enterprises are now in a "no-hire" and "stop all discretionary spending" mode. In follow-up interviews with a number of CIOs Janco confirmed the situation that many enterprises now face. One CIO said, "Management has told me to cut my IT expenditures immediately and if I do not then they will find someone who will. "

Enterprises that participate will be sent a summary of the July 2009 IT Salary Survey as soon as it is released.

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