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Order Manager Blockchain Job DescriptionThe Manager Blockchain Architecture is responsible for the management of the blockchain architecture and Distributed Ledger Technology Processing activities directed towards the development. That includes maintenance of information systems, enterprise operations, and process of architectural models, with primary emphasis on optimizing and integrating the flow of information and physical products throughout the enterprise as well as with external subcontractors, suppliers, and customers.

The Manager Blockchain Architecture is the tasked with being the primary focal point within the enterprise for the design, development, and implementation of Blockchain Architecture.

This responsibility includes processing security, digital and cyber currency management systems, resource monitoring, and reporting, and the development of specialized programs. The Manager Blockchain Architecture coordinates blockchain processing software issues with other IT organizations including applications and operations.

The blockchain and distributed ledger technology processing and database systems are the heart of the enterprise’s systems.  It is extremely important to the enterprise that these systems offer the highest reliability and performance possible.  The Manager Blockchain Architectureis challenged to oversee the blockchain processing activities and ensure that the systems are reliable and performing at peak efficiency.

Challenges include managing strategic relationships with key blockchain partners and driving C-level management, Product Team, Marketing, Field and Channel relationships. With the focus establishing, growing the business and technical relationships, and driving partner plans with each assigned partner, the Manager Blockchain Architectureis challenged with assisting in increasing revenue growth and overall market adoption of Blockchain approaches.

The individual has a background that enables them to drive successful partnerships, engage at all management levels, as well as being able to easily interact with blockchain partners. In addition, they also have a demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, product, and technical challenges, with the ability to build and convey compelling value propositions. The position also requires a strong technical acumen, along with working knowledge of the blockchain technology and consulting services landscape.

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Order Manager Blockchain Architecture Job Description

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