Women Cybersecurity Leaders Lacking

Cybersecurity field is dominated by men - Only 11% of all security professionals are women

Security PoliciesWomen Security Leaders Lacking - At a recent conference on Cybersecurity there was not a single women on the panel. That even with approximately 11 % of the total security workforce being women was striking.

In study (Frost & Sullivan) of the male versus female security workforce by major global region, North America had the greatest percentage of women in security roles. The study found:

  • North America 14%
  • Asia-Pacific 10%
  • Africa 9%
  • Latin America 8%
  • Europe 7%
  • Middle East 5%

Many of the women in the security work force have more education than men, but men continue to outnumber women by nine to one.

In a study of the gender gap in roles and compensation that we conducted by our firm we found:

  • Of the IT professionals paid over $125,000 are more likely to be men the women
  • Women are a greater percentage of those paid under $50,000

Pay Gender Gap

Gender Gap Could Impact Long-Temp Employment Opportunities

Over time, this disparity could limit the experiences that will be necessary to become a Cybersecurity leader. There are signs of this happening today, especially in Europe and the Middle-East.

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