H-1B Visa Holders Paid Less than US Workers

2013 IT Salary SurveyBased on Apple Computers filings they pay many H-1B Visa Holders less than the going market rate

H-1B visa holders are paid less than the median salaries for the San Francisco Bay area for comparable job titles.

In a filing with Apple's H-1B application, of the 4,825 visa applications for the current year: 4,807 (99.6%) had an average salary that was significantly lower than the San Francisco Bay area average.

Lower salaries for H-1B visa holders

Surprisingly, the there is at least a $20,000 (in some cases ($35,000) lower average salary for 1,378 (28.5%) of the total number of visa filed by Apple.

In recent article in ComputerWorld Apple it was stated:

"Apple didn't want to comment for the story, but it did confirm some things. It says it hires on the basis on qualifications and that all employees -- visa holders and U.S. workers alike -- are paid equitably and it conducts internal studies to back this up. There are bonuses on top of base pay.

Apple may not be paying low wages to H-1B workers, but it can pay low wages to visa workers if it wanted."

When you compare this to the actual median compensation for H-1B visa holders, the heart of the dispute is seen.

Median Compensation for H-1B visa holders

We will address this issue in our next IT Salary Survey.

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