Telecom Workers Long Tenure is a Risk

IT Job DescriptionsAs Telecom"Baby Boomers" retire, there will be a short fall of "seasoned" IT Telecommunication professionals.

Telecom Workers Long Tenure is a Risk - The average tenure of Telecom professionals in 2016 was 6.0 years. That is well in excess of the 4.2 years for the total US labor force and 4.5 years for CIOs whom these professionals report.

In 2014, when the baby boomers born in 1949 started to retire there was a marked decrease in the tenure of Telecom professionals with the median tenure falling from 7 years and 9 months to six years in 2016.

Employee Tenure in years

Over the next 24 months, the tenure for telecom workers will come down significantly. The question is will there be other around who can assume those responsibilities. If not, they what will the exposure be to enterprises for both security and service levels.

Now is the time that CIOs and CSOs need to have clear succession plans in place for not only Telecom pros but for all of those experienced resources that will be retiring soon.

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