Research and Development - R&D - by State

R&D are the source of future jobs - The places to find the best employment opportunities

Research and Development - R&D - by State -The data in this report is actually based on information a few years old due to the collection and analysis process of the federal government. However eventhough it is a few years old it is a good benchmark of where R&D spending are occuring.

Typically it this is concentrated around a "strong" university and business environment.

R & D by State

R&D is geographically concentrated more so than either population or gross domestic product. Washington, Massachuetts, and California are were most of the technology firms are and they comprise almost 40% of all R&D spending.

On the other hand Texas and New York, numbers 2 and 3 in terms of population, are ranked numbers 5 and 9 on the R&D list, reflecting that their signature industries of oil and gas extraction and financial services, respectively, a relatively less R&D intensive.

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From an employment point of view, the best opportunities for IT professionals will be in those areas where R&D is.

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