High Risk is Associated with Terminated Employees

Security Policies

With the increase of staff turnover both in IT and user organizations, companies now face a much higher risk as not only their employees going out the door so is a significant amount of company sensitive and confidential data.

In several recent surveys, a number of risk factors were identified with terminated employees, both voluntary and involuntary.

Terrminated employee risks

To mitigate these risks a number of things need to occur. First as part of the exiting procedure that is in place in an organization a formal check out procedure needs to be put in place. Second the security and procedures need to be defined which, at the least over time, will alter the passwords and at best eliminate the user ids for terminated employees as soon as it is know they will be leaving.

For the exit procedure, Janco's Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide has one defined and it includes an electronic form which can aid an organization in implementing a functions exit checklist procedure. For the Security Policies and procedures, the Security Manual Template addresses the necessary policies that need to be followed.