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Top 10 Backup failures made by CIOs

August 14th, 2016

Failure is not an option when considering disaster recovery and business continuity. Only when a backup is needed and then found that it is lacking or missing do many CIOs, IT Managers, and users appreciate the complexity  of the issue.

  1. Backing up only desktops and ignoring laptops, tablets, smartphone and other mobile devices
  2. Thinking that all that matters are mainframe or data center data bases
  3. Not understanding the differences in various deduplication solutions
  4. Not understanding what impact the backup processes have on users
  5. Not having a good grasp of the security implications due to disparate backup files
  6. Focusing only on what is needed today and ignoring future ramifications
  7. Not having a robust deployment solution defined
  8. Understanding the total cost of ownership for a solution or lack of a complete backup and security solution
  9. Ignoring BYOD implications and complications
  10. Not understanding he implications of the backup solution for disaster recovery and business continuity

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Disaster Recovery and Security top blog topics

July 1st, 2016

Disaster Recovery Plan TemplateDisaster Recovery and Security top blog topics

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Brush fires cause major business interruptions

May 12th, 2016

Brush fires cause major business interruptions

Apocalyptic images came out of Canada where the fire in Alberta were so big that it's was measured in square miles and not acres.

Business Interruption Life Cycle

As much as a quarter of the country's oil production was halted by the fire, raising concerns about the effect on the Canadian economy. Assume those shutdowns last for two weeks, Canada would subtract 0.5 percent from May GDP (in 2011, approximately 40 percent of Slave Lake, Alberta, a community of 7,000, was also lost to fire).

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Disaster Recovery Misconceptions

May 2nd, 2016

Disaster Recovery -  What are the major misconceptions when a disaster occurs with IT systems? Can your systems can not support your company's day-to-day operations?

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The major misconception is that a backup recovery plan is all that you need.  At Janco Associates that is not enough.  We have found that most companies are really not prepared.  Files can be restored but it does no good if they do have facilities for their staffs.

  1. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Top 10 “Disaster Recovery and business continuity are all about being ready for everything.  The question that every IT manager and CIO has to answer every day...
  2. Google data center security & disaster recovery  This is a great video on physical security as well as the the software security. This is a great primer which all CIOs and Data...
  3. Meeting ISO 27031 Requirements Meeting ISO 27031 Requirements ISO 27031 The ISO Standard defines the Information and Communication Technology (ITC) Requirements for Business Continuity (IRBC) program that supports the...
  4. Will your disaster recovery provider be in business when you need them? Disaster Recovery plans that depend on outsourcers face significant additional risk What if your were in Florida and the Hurricane season was in full swing...
  5. IBM Business Continuity Plan Services  Business Continuity Services Video Business continuity video is good overview of what IBM thinks about this...

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Distaster Recovery and Security current articles

March 25th, 2016

Distaster Recovery and Security current articles

 Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Security articles of interest:

  1. 10 step security implementation 10 step security implementation 10 step security implementation process: Make security an executive directive – The driver for security needs to be at the CEO and...
  2. Top 10 Reasons Compliance of Business Continuity Fails Testing is key to business continuity compliance with ISO 22301 Compliance and business continuity management are closely inter-related – ISO 22301 is just one of...
  3. 10 best practices for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 10 best practices for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Most CIOs and management executives all say they have disaster recovery and business continuity under control...
  4. Security Manual Addresses PCI Compliance IssuesPCI Compliance Security Issues What’s needed for PCI compliance is a comprehensive, high-quality security policy. To that end Janco has a security policy template available for...
  5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Template Update Released Janco released Version 8 of its Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template. It now includes 17 electronic forms and a new Business Impact Analysis tool Janco...


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13TB solid-state drive will alter backup models

January 14th, 2016

A 13TB solid-state drive is now available for $13,000.  Most SSDs today have no more than 6TB of storage, and the 13TB drive more than doubles that capacity.

As the price for this drops, disaster recovery and business continuity plans will have to be updated to reflect this new cost effective technology.

Question that need to be answered are:

  • Is our data safe in transit and at rest?
  • What prevents hackers from gaining access to our data?
  • Is our data properly handled, stored, and deleted?
  • Who can access our data?
  • What are the benchmark measurements?
  • Is our data backup strategy compliant?
  • Will our recovery be successful?
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DRP needs to consider the public cloud

December 1st, 2015

Cloud DR BCDRP needs to consider the public cloud

DRP needs to consider the public cloud - the public cloud is the norm.  A recent survey shows that use of the cloud is no longer new or specialized; it now is a solid part of the IT arsenal that most enterprises have already established as a core resource.

If the cloud is not so strange anymore, why isn't everyone doing it?

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Solar Flares could impact business operations

November 6th, 2015

Solar Flares could impact business operations

The Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from most of the effects of solar eruptions, powerful flares can affect the Earth's atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communication signals travel. The flares can also affect satellites and spacecraft.

If that happens, the solar flares could shut down mobile and high-frequency communications used by the military and airlines, cause GPS errors and even flood electrical power lines with extra current.

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