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IT Infrastructure Architecture with 24 months of update service now available

Janco has just released its IT Infrastructure Architecture with the ability to get updates to all of its components for 24 months from the date of its purchase. Read on...

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity and Security 2014 Templates Released

The 2014 version of the the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity and Security Manual Templates are now available. Both of these World Class documents have been combined into a single package to provide your organization with the complete solution to business continuity and security compliance. They come with electronic forms that are easily modifiable to meet your specific unique requirements.

Both of these templates are the products of choice by 4,000 enterprises in over 100 counties. With the ongoing update service they are the must have winning solution you have been looking for.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template is a comprehensive tool and set of disaster and business continuity planning resources, including a detail disaster recovery business continuity work plan on how to proceed from evaluating risk factors to retrieving server data. Areas covered by the template are:

Besides all the great information included in the Disaster Planning e-book, a PDF version of our Disaster Recovery Planning Template and MS WORD version of the template provide a variety of unique, hands-on planning resources to help ensure your organization's disaster readiness as no other product on the market can. So do not delay—order Janco's Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template today!

Included with the template are Electronic Forms which have been designed to lower the cost of maintenance of the plan. Electonic Forms that can be emailed, completed via a computer or tablet, and stored electronically including:
  • LAN Inventory,
  • Location Contact Numbers,
  • Off-Site Inventory,
  • Personnel Locations,
  • Plan Distribution,
  • Remote Location Contact Information,
  • Team Call List, and
  • Vendor Contact Information.

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NEWS -- IT Job Market SLOWS down

There was a net increase of 5,400 jobs in March which was slower than the 9,800 jobs added in January and 5,500 in February according to the latest BLS data. There was an improvement in computer systems design and related services accounted of 3,900 jobs; data processing and hosting related services lost 300 jobs; Telecommunications gained 1,800 jobs; and other information services lost 200 jobs. The three month moving average is continues to move up slightly.”

Janco’s says, “For the first time since the dot com bust Janco's metrics show that hiring by CIOs is at a standstill – there is a high degree of uncertainty in the economic climate…

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Backup Best Practices

10 Backup Best Practices White Paper Released

Janco has just released a white Paper that defining the 10 Backup Best Practices. It defines how to supplement a disaster recovery and business continuity back-up solution with the cloud. A copy of this key document is available to members of Janco's social network.

To join and get a copy of this white paper register here.


NEWS -- Policies and Procedure Bundle -- JUST UPDATED

CIO policy bundle

The policies have just been updated to comply with all mandated requirements and include electronic forms that can be Emailed, filled out completely on the computer, routed and stored electronically -- a total solution.

We have just completed a major update of most of the individual polices and almost all of the electronic forms.

Electronic Infrastructure Policy Forms - The electronic forms that Janco has developed can be e-mailed to users, completed on the computer, and then stored electronically. Forms comply with all mandated requirements for electronic records. A few of the forms are:
  • Blog Policy Compliance Agreement
  • BYOD Access and Use Agreement
  • Company Asset Employee Control Log
  • Email Employee Agreement
  • Internet Access Request
  • Internet and Electronic Communication Employee Agreement
  • Internet Use Approval
  • Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement
  • Sensitive Information Policy Compliance
  • Security Access Application

To see a full list of the forms go to Infrastructure Electronic Forms.

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